Plextor presents the SSD NVMe M9Pe

Published on Jan 03, 2018

Today, Plextor is officially launching its first SSDS with NAND flash memory 3D: the family M9Pe SSDS, NVMe. Based on NAND technology TLC BiCS3 3D 64 layers of Toshiba, the M9Pe is the successor of the M8Pe based on MLC to 15 nm, which was their first SSD, NVMe. The choice of the TLC NAND for this new flagship product reflects a tendency in most of the suppliers of SSDS, that they are abandoning MLC NAND also in the segment of high-end product and move up to 64L 3D NAND.

Apart from the NAND updated, little has changed compared to the previous generation of SSDS, NVMe of Plextor and the specifications are almost identical to those laid down in the preview at Computex 2017. The M9Pe still uses the controller 88SS1093 Marvell, the firmware of the Plextor. The capacity of 128 GB has been dropped from the lineup, and 1tb is still the largest model. The values of performance for the M9Pe are much higher than the M8Pe, especially for sequential transfers. The M9Pe 256GB has lower read and write speeds of random with respect to the M8Pe, and the evaluation of random read of 180k IOPS also drops below the M8Se 256GB based on TLC planar. However, the higher capacity of the M9Pe promising performance random I / O enhanced with read speed random up to 400k IOPS for the 1TB model.

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