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Published on Feb 10, 2019


From a long time gamers italians were waiting for was finally available also here from the us PlayStation Now, the streaming service video game subscription weblog Sony already available in other parts of the world, and that allows the fans on the PS4 and PC to play the hundreds of titles: a good chance for users on a PC to also gain access to many exclusive titles for the Sony console. Let's discover briefly what it is.


The service is very simple and intuitive to use, but of course there are small differences in the basis of the platform used:


PlayStation Now offers a series of advantages to its subscribers, first of all the possibility of access to a playground that includes hundreds of titles designed for the PS2, PS3 and PS4 (in the latter case, it is still published titles not just recently). If you are a gamers, avid found the hard disc inside of the console (and maybe even the outer one) is always stocked full, PlayStation Now could come to your rescue thanks to the fact that games can be played directly in streaming online, no need to download, which, however, will be an available option. If you decide to play in the stream, however, you have to keep in mind that to be able to experience the best games in the titles of PlayStation Now will require a broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps.

But if your connection does not allow you to play online, no fear: in this case, you just need to have a bit of free space on your PS4, since you can also download the games available on PlayStation Now directly inside your game platform. In this way, the title will be available in its native resolution.

With regard to the bailouts, these will not be present inside the console, but only on the cloud, and will be accessible, just like the video games present within the park titles to PlayStation Plus, only until your subscription to the service will be active. This means that if you play a PlayStation title Now and buy later “standard” version (on disc or digital) of the same title, the game progress in the save-to-Cloud will not be available if not active a subscription to PlayStation Now.

On PS4, the titles in multiplayer it can be played safely, but to also have a subscription to PlayStation Plus is active, which is necessary to access online features of the game.

And for all the trophy hunters among you, the other good news: all of the trophies earned by playing the titles on PlayStation Now will be added to your Wall of Trophies! Personally, though, I found that, for example, the set of trophies of my beloved Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut is not present in my list, despite the same seems installed, according to the menu in game. I could, however, to think that some of the problems are due to the fact that there are, however, in front of a Beta, necessarily different from the final version of the service.

And if you're wondering if the titles available will be able to enjoy all of the features available within the standard versions of the game, know that some of these may be different from those available in the versions natural or download of such titles: for example, the graphics resolution may be less than, the securities may not be compatible with the stereo sound, there may not be compatibility between these versions of the games and their downloadable content, and may not be present some of the available functions for user-generated content.


From the Beta of PlayStation Now you can already understand how to work this system. Personally, I have played only in the streaming, and I have to say that I had very few connection problems, which have not, however, affected my experience of the game. The park titles is constantly updated, and thanks to this service, it will be possible to play a wide range of video game historical PS2 and PS4, but also many of the titles for PS4, even if non-publication is too recent.

PlayStation Now is a great way to be able to enjoy on their PS4 titles not native to this console, but, above all, playing at some of the exclusive Sony on PC.

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