PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox will be revealed in 2020?


Published on Jan 11, 2019


Recently, several reports and items wanted a reveal for the 2019/beginning of 2020, but nothing is confirmed or unofficially declared. That being said, one analyst has soon part in the hot discussion of the “PlayStation 5” and “Xbox Scarlett” revealing firmly believe that the new console of the next technology would be in anticipation of the announcement in the course of the E3 in the year 2020.

Lewis Ward, the name of the well-known analyst at IDC, spoke openly about putting fans at the edge of the chair and, although he has declared that does not provide for the publication of the new consoles until 2021, will still be unveiled in advance in the course of the E3 2020. Here are the words in the detail of the analyst when interviewed by GamingBolt, he was asked if the new console could be revealed in 2019:

“No, if Microsoft and Sony in 2019 to give a nice breath of fresh air to the hardware and with the exclusive triple A. If your plans are to upgrade the hardware in two years, then I think that at E3 2020 Sony and Microsoft reveal new console“.

Currently they are only predictions, and there is nothing official. Although Ward has been credited in the past with accurate predictions, nothing is official. So we'll have to wait a bit of time, and many other rumor, before knowing what will be the future of the Sony systems, and Microsoft.

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PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox will be revealed in 2020? is




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