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Published on Jul 12, 2016


Pokémon GO is one of the most famous games of the year. Is not yet available in all over the world and yet it is already a global phenomenon, and its popularity grows day after day. Here are all the tips and everything there is to know to play the best you can!

Despite a gameplay with different pros and cons, this game is literally involving enthusiasts all over the world and is transforming the way in which it interacts normally with the games on mobile. Pokémon GO is a mobile game but it is closely related to the real world how to play the game you need to move around and explore the surroundings, the city, the meadows and the nature. Not only that, augmented reality involves more users, and the plants, precise, combined with the GPS location, well-calibrated, make the game more real than it may seem. For fans, then, seems to be entered in the famous game that the GameBoy has a passionate and involved generations upon generations. On iOS and Android now the audience changes, but the game certainly knows how to be loved. Below we will explain a little bit how it works, and we speak of its potentialities, as well as which features are available. Missing something that can make it perfect? Let's find out.

Let's start from the beginning, the recommendations. Of course, pay attention to the environment around you, your safety and do not use Pokémon GO so irresponsible. We move on to the real game: the first phase consists in the creation of a personal profile that will keep the data in sync, and that will allow us to always have our progress saved (just a gmail account). We specify that, at the moment with the various server issues, the game often asks to log in again. Once in the bus we have to catch all the Pokémon you will find in front of us, walking or stopping in a place.

The map will help us to understand where we are, and what Pokémon are present in the vicinity, as well as allow us to look where it is easier to find them. In fact, if we pay attention we can see the leaves move in different areas of the map. By travelling in those places we are sure to find the other Pokémon.

On the map, then we will find also the Pokéstop, of the places in which we can collect tools, eggs, Poké-Ball, and potions. Then we will find also the gyms (note: do not worry if at the beginning you can't fight – it you level up) in which to challenge other Pokémon.

How to catch Pokémon? One of the objectives of the games on these creatures has always been to complete the Pokédex, or the encyclopedia that catalogs all the Pokémon that exist in the world. And even in the Pokémon GO, things remain the same: we have to capture all the Pokémon, and evolve our.

The exact, in addition to the fight we need to collect them all. Otherwise the famous phrase “gotta catch ‘em all” what's it for? Once you find a Pokémon in the vicinity, simply tap the display of your smartphone and it will open the screen for capturing. This is one of the fundamental phases of the game and learn how to capture a Pokémon, it is essential to continue.

To capture a Pokémon, we'll have to make him a Poké-Ball, and hope that you are not free. For this we have a green guide that appears around the Pokémon to capture. The more the guide is getting smaller and we are good to the center the more chances we have to capture the Pokémon with no problems.

The functionality of augmented reality makes us capture then the Pokémon by providing the background of the surrounding environment. This consumes more battery compared to the default wallpaper but it makes the experience more fulfilling. Little tip: the Pokémon appear in the areas most suited to them, and then for example close to the sea it will be easier to find aquatic creatures, and so on.

We should then strengthen our Pokémon via the power-up (dust, star, and candy) that we will collect during the game, capturing other Pokémon. Unlike the classic game, in fact, we will not be able to level up Pokémon by having them fight. The evolutions are a bit cumbersome because they require different candies. The candy is obtained by capturing the same type of Pokémon. Let's take an example: in order to evolve Squirtle, you will need to catch several to get all the candy you need.

Once we have a good variety of Pokémon and we're past level five, we will be able to challenge the gyms. The gyms are available throughout the map, especially in places where there are often large concentrations of people. Gyms differ between empty and full, and they are divided in three colors (yellow, blue and red), with colors matching those of the three teams available, among which we must initially point to the reference (Instinct, Wisdom, and Power).

The gyms are empty can be challenged and conquered. Once conquered, we can assign one of our Pokémon to defend them, and, if the prestige allows it, allow other members of the same team to join the available slots to upgrade the defenses. Gyms can be friends or enemy but that does not mean that we can't challenge them anyway, even if they belong to the same team.

Maybe the gyms friends will be challenged to practice and to level up. The levels of the gyms are influenced by the number of wins and losses. Not just to challenge a gym, the enemy only once then it will be necessary to reduce the prestige and conquer it.

The combat is quite a bit different from the classic line of Nintendo games. There is no strategy, or rather, not so much as it usually was on GameBoy or Nintendo DS, but there is a gameplay more immediate and addictive, even if repetitive and stale at times. It is not a turn based battle, but you have to attack and defend at the same time taking advantage of the touchscreen of the device. You tap the screen to attack and you perform the swipe left and right to dodge enemy attacks. On the display appear the words that we will inform on the effectiveness of the attacks, in addition to the status bars that will show us the energies remain. Fortunately, one more gear in the fighting is found in the special attacks: attacks that are almost impossible to dodge, and that we can only run when the loading bar is full.

We need to create the best possible team on the basis of the gym by choosing the Pokémon that are most suitable based on the type and level of combat. Once you have conquered a gym, you will need to leave a Pokémon to defend it, the creature that we will be able to train and upgrade during the game. The Pokémon in the gym, then they can earn extra points for us that will be available at the Pokéstop.

The Pokémon then you get tired and some will end up exhausted, but it will not be possible to put them back in the sixth via the classic Pokémon center. We will have to use only the tools, the potions and the revitalizing.

The tools you can find around the world at the Pokéstop or you can buy through coins (there are in-app purchases with real money).

As for the eggs, as in the classic game, just take for them to hatch and to find out which Pokémon celano.

Pity that at the moment you can still interact with other coaches, serious flaw in the game which for now is still immature. Another limitation: for now there are only the Pokémon of the first generation but in the future it will include all the others.

The Pokédex is always available to remind us of the progress made and what Pokémon we should catch still




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