Play GT7 Extra 3 Italia: 1000 minutes, and 30 GB for only 7€

Published on Oct 10, 2017

After the merger between Wind and 3, both companies are trying to accalappiarsi the greatest number of customers, to become the largest operator in the Italian.

To do this, both offer attractive offers to “steal” users from their competitors. The offer that we present today has been launched by 3 Italia as a variation of the old Play GT7 that was a great success: with 1000 minutes and 30 GB in 4G to 7€ per month.

But let's see in detail what it offers and how to activate the promotion.

Before analyzing the offer Play GT7 Extra in detail, let us immediately say that this is intended for those who do not, as a customer of 3 and want to become. To benefit from the advantages that we describe, also, you will need to activate the promotion necessarily online and wait until the SIM arrives home.

With this offer, 3 Italia to focus especially on the Gigabyte that the 20 of the previous offer, go to 30 in 4G (we'll talk about it after). In addition, you'll also get 1000 minutes to use to all. Unfortunately, are not present in the SMS which, although they go more and more in disuse, they can still be useful.

All this I brought to the house (as seems to be a known seller) only for the price of 7€ per month.

And... As we know 3 uses the thresholds for a week, their offerings, and also in this case is no exception. Despite on the page of the promotion you're talking about€ 7 per month, the offering is divided into thresholds weekly costs 1.75€.

Unfortunately, it is not all gold that glitters. To 7€ per month must be added to 0.50€ per week (then 4€ a month) for the plan activation Power29 and 1€ per month for the use of the 4G (already... there is still those who do pay...).

For the use of the fast connection, however, we make a separate paragraph. It is true that has a cost of 1€ per month but it is also true that, if you activate the offer within the 19/11/2017, it is in promotion€ 0 until 31/03/2018, and in any case can be disabled to continue to browse with the 3G.

Like all companies, to switch to 3 Italia, we are of the costs to support a one-off. The offer has an activation fee of€ 9, and to activate it, you will pay 20€, which will include the costs of the SIM and shipping and 20€ charge that will be already present on the card.

To make things even more clear, let's make a small summary of the promotion:

The offer is not bad, is now left to you to get your accounts in your pocket”, and evaluate if you should change your manager and take advantage of this promotion which, remember, is only valid online.

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