PLAY 30, and PLAY 9 Digital: The two offerings of Three of Italy that are activated online


Published on Apr 16, 2018


Still continues for a few days the offer a Limited Edition of Three call PLAY 30. It really is very economical and can be activated by all those who want to make the portability from an existing number to 3.

Yes, spending only 7€ per month (not every 4 weeks), it is possible to have a well-30GB of internet traffic and 1000 minutes of calls. Are not included the SMS in this offer but if you feel the lack), you can add a package of 300 SMS per month with 2€ more (optional).

The offer is activated online only, for a total of 20€. This money will be deducted 9€ activation and 7€ for the first month. The 4€ remaining will be part of the remaining credit. The offer LTE is included up to 31 August after which cost you 1€ per month (subject to further extensions, for free.

Instead, if you are an existing customer 3, and then you can't make the switch from another operator to Three, you can activate the Play 9 Digital.

In this case the activation has a cost of 0€. This offer (as well as the previous one) provides thresholds monthly and no longer weekly. Also in this case, the initial cost is 20€ (recharge) from which will be deducted the 9€ in the first month, and all the rest will represent the residual credit.

The offer is activated online only from here.

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