Platinum End: cover and poster volume 9


Published on Sep 04, 2018


Starting from September 4, 2018, the publishing house of the japanese Shueisha publishes in all the newsstands, comics and japanese online stores the volume number 9 of the Platinum End, the manga is monthly, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata the magazine Jump Square.

The two authors are famous in the world of the manga to be the authors of Death Note and Bakuman.

On the occasion of their official publication, on the web has appeared for the cover and promotional poster of the volume. Here's the whole thing:

Platinum End vol. 9.

— Demi (@DemiTsun) September 4, 2018

Póster promocional de Platinum End por la salida de su noveno volumen el 4 de septiembre en Japón.

— osoma-estival (@sisam_aynu) September 1, 2018

The volume will resume the events of the number 8 and will be composed of 4 chapters: from 28° to 31°.

Mirai, an orphan, lives miserably suffering the harassment of the relatives who have adopted it. In desperation, the day of a high school diploma mean the guy decides to commit suicide. A moment before his death, she stumbles upon the angel lobster-Pots, which aims to restore the will to live.

At the moment we do not know any information about a possible animated series.

Platinum End: cover and poster of volume 9 is




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