Platinette, the truth, the shock of the disease: ‘All the weight taken for...

Published on Oct 18, 2018

And’ a bit’ that we do not see on TV, in programs always, Platinette. Mauro Coruzzi we all know yet few know that his pounds are the result of a disease

Mario Coruzzi, better known by his stage name Platinette, one of the most famous in Italy, which reached the fame thanks to the participation , at the end of the years ninety ,in several episodes of the program champion Maurizio Costanzo “Maurizio Costanzo Show” .

In one of the episodes on Sunday Live last year, Platinette, he gave vent to his torment by revealing the tragedy of his disease, a disorder that consequences are also quite obvious on weight:

“I'm sick, obesity is a disease and we should be ashamed. You have to get help to get out of it. I know, I know that I could fall into it again and I felt the need to again make use of the balloon for prevention. Certainly, we must pass the message that this is a substitute of diet, you can't do it again.”

Unfortunately, obesity is an eating disorder is widespread, and the journalist underlines what has been devastating in his case:

In my case, the doctors have agreed because they know that I have a relationship that is very diverted with the power supply and I can't give them all the wrongs. In six months, I took four pounds. There are not so many but I've decided that from here do I have to share: I don't want to take another, I want to try to lose them again. I don't want to become skinny to fit a stupid standard.

Now Platinette is willing to lose weight:

My goal is to lose 30 pounds in the six months in which to hold the balloon”.

Platinette he told the triggering cause of his imbalance of food: a disappointment in love that has changed his life for ever.
Barbara D'urso said:

“You started to suffer from eating disorders when you're in love for the first time of a man. You have suffered a lot”.

Finally, he recounts his new adventure on television, in fact, in September it is present in the study de the new program of Rai Uno “Italia!”, conducted by Marco Liorni.

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