Planet Manga announced the DWARF Reloaded Edition of Ai Yazawa


Published on Feb 08, 2019


Through Facebook Planet Manga announced a new edition of NANA by Ai Yazawa, which was renamed the DWARF Reloaded Edition, will debut in May:

The spring Planet Manga will resound with the notes of the timeless masterpiece of Ai Yazawa: the story of Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are back in a spectacular new look, a whole world to (re)read, to get excited again as the first time.
NANA – RELOADED EDITION gives you appointment in may!

Recall that in March in the Manga resurface another classic of Yazawa, Paradise Kiss.

In Japan, NANA has made his debut on the pages of the magazine Cookie published by Shueisha on May 26, 2006; is stopped since 2009 due to health problems of the author and has a population of 21 volumes. Inspired an anime tv show and two live action film.

In Italy, the manga has already enjoyed two editions, always outputs in the Manga; the anime was released by Dynit and broadcast on MTV, the live-action were published in One Movie.

Planet Manga announced the DWARF Reloaded Edition of Ai Yazawa is




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