Plácido Domingo in the storm: a rain of accusations of harassment


Published on Aug 13, 2019


The facts date back to the eighties

For months now, men and women of any field of show-business are overwhelmed by the shocking allegations of harassment. The first, as we all know, was the hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Then came the actors, Kevin Spacey, and James Franco, comedian Louis CK, and even to the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Now it's the turn of Plácido Domingo.

The tenor and Spanish conductor, known especially for his performances as an opera singer, has started to take the first steps in the world of music very early, since the fifties, certainly facilitated creatively by parents, also singers. In no time, Domingo has proven to be an interpreter eclectic and beloved, which will make the work popular, well known and appreciated by the general public.

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But its artistic greatness and working, though no doubt, could soon be overshadowed by several allegations on a personal level. Nine women, eight singers and a dancer, they claim to be are not bothered by Domingo, who would have promised roles and engagements. The facts date back to the eighties.

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It is not over here. The agency of the press which spread the news, the Associated Press, has also announced that he had received the testimonies of dozens of other insiders who have seen the episodes of harassment and that they then would confirm further. Even, it is rumored that in the field the approach inappropriate Domingo was known and feared by all, and that the young professionals were warned regularly about his ways. In a note, the superstar of opera, he wanted to deny everything, on the grounds that the allegations deeply troubling and inaccurate.

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