Pizza in a cup

Published on Aug 22, 2019

Pizza in a cup. Yes! The first time I read this recipe, from good neapolitan, I admit I was horrified. But then... then curiosity got the better of you, as always, On the other hand... I had already tried to prepare the pizza in a pan the results are not bad, then why don't you try that in the cup? And I have to say that the result was, again, higher than expectations! Of course you can't expect to create in less than 10 minutes the true neapolitan pizza, this no, not talking about it!
But if you fancy a tasty snack and super quick, this may be the recipe for you! This, then, is really a recipe of the sly, because sporcherete only the cocotte cooking!
Of course, as with all the recipes in your cup, all you need is the microwave. And of course you can change the filling according to what you can take on the fly in the fridge or according to your taste!
That said, I leave you to the recipe and appearance to know what you think 😉


Put all the ingredients for the base in a cocottina is suitable for cooking in the oven, and stir.
Level the surface and spread over the tomato.

Add salt, olive oil and mozzarella in small cubes, then cook in the microwave oven for 2 minutes at maximum power.

Your pizza in a cup is ready, toss with fresh basil, and eat it immediately!


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