PixARK: in march, the Early Access open world inspired by the ARK

Published on Jan 26, 2018

Snail Games has announced that in march it will be available within a program Early Access PixARK, video game open world inspired by the famous ARK: Survival Evolved.

PixARK was thought of as a video game oper world sanbox, in which we find ourselves in a setting inspired by the famous ARK, but revised in an optical pixel art. Initially, the title will be available in Early Access for Pc (on Steam) and Xbox. The release of final title is scheduled for 2018, in version digital and physical, for Pc, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Peter Kang, one of the leaders of the project of Snail Games, has commented on the arrival of PixARK

“Thanks to PixARK, we took a cue from the action and the excitement that the old players have known and loved in the Ark, and we put in a new creation in order to introduce that world to a different audiences, PixARK is a fun and colorful game for players of all ages, adding to the mode of construction a creative experience and a much more intelligent pick-up-and-play”

In PixARK we will be part of a group of players awaken on a mysterious island, whose survival depends on hunting, gathering and crafting, facing the wild nature and other humans, hostile. Through the interaction with the game environment, we have to try to domesticate animals or to kill dangerous creatures, and learning to travel between different worlds, discovering the mysteries.

Here are the main features of PixARK

● Single-player and Multiplayer online.
● The ability to collect and create objects and build bases to survive
● More than 100 dinosaurs and other creatures to train, ride, and tame.
● In the progression and character customization.
● Worlds that are generated on a continuous basis without that are similar to each other.
● Creative mode that allows players to build anything they can imagine.
● More than eight unique biomes to explore, including deserts, jungles, caves, and more
● The search system is procedurally generated to keep the players always engaged in their worlds

Since the launch on Steam, which happened in June 205, ARK: Survival evolved has involved more than 12 million players, thanks to its incredible characterization. PixelARK will now face the same challenge. The visit is for march!

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