Pistoia, a man falls and dies after a quarrel


Published on Feb 11, 2019


Man falls and dies after a lite of Pistoia. This is what happened on Saturday evening. The discussion came between the victim, the 59-year-old Flavio Nocentini, and Alessio Bini, 22 years. The latter was a friend of the son, and apparently he launched a kick at the man causing him to fall. The 22-year-old is now in prison and on him hangs the charge of manslaughter. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the hypermarket Panorama is located in the square, the Carnival, in Pistoia.

Alessio Bini had known the victim's son a little time ago, when we were volunteering at an association. In the evening of Saturday, the 22-year-old was with a friend and another guy in a car. Back to why the son of Nocentini had forgotten something at home. Therefore, arrived at the square, the Carnival, the 59-year-old came out of the house. It seems that it had raised a little’ elbow. He began to inveigh against the friend of the son several times, while walking back and forth from his house to the car. Between his hands he had a small knife.

At a certain point the discussion ended with words that led to the anger of the guy. The 22-year-old fell from car on which he was giving a kick in the butt to the father of a friend. At this point, Flavio Nocentini has teetered and then fall face to the ground. The fall has caused an injury to the face that was fatal.

The young people are made aware of the situation and they tried to resuscitate him, calling meanwhile, the 118. On the spot also came the police, starting from the people who live in the square where it happened the tragedy. It was, therefore, arrested the young man. On the body of the victim will be performed an autopsy to ascertain the cause of his death. As was shown, the man would not put his arms forward to protect himself from the soil. It is possible that his mental state was impaired by alcohol, but will only further investigations to clarify the story.

It is a fact that a normal Saturday night, which for the three young men had to be dedicated to the fun, has turned into a tragedy. One kick resulted in the tragic death of 59-year-old Flavio Nocentini, fell tumbling to the ground. Expect more updates on the matter.

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