Pirates of the Caribbean: the Revenge of Salazar, unveiled the scene in the credits! [SPOILER]

Published on Jun 01, 2017

In the scene post credit to Pirates of the Caribbean: Revenge of the Cliffs we find the two iconic characters of the saga from the pirates

If the warning spoilers contained in title vi is the escape then we strongly advise that you stop here to read the article, go to the nearest cinema and watch the new chapter of the saga.

Then come back to us, reckless and careless readers that are left here at your own risk; the newness of this after the credits of Pirates of the Caribbean: the Revenge of Salazar is immediately evident when we find ourselves faced with two protagonists who had dropped out of the saga: Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann , played respectively by Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

In the final scene of Will and Elizabeth are together in bed, in a moment of rest and intimacy after so much time spent away from one another. At a certain point, because a violent storm, the windows open, and someone, from obvious gait, limping, enters the room. The light of the flashes draw an unmistakable shadow on the walls: that of Davy Jones. Will wakes with a start but in the room there is none, by convincing the young that it was only a bad dream. The man is back in to sleep next to Elizabeth but, incredibly, on the floor, you notice traces of water and pieces of coral: You Jones seems to be back really, scrambling all the cards on the table, and reversing the narrative of the saga. It is a well known fact that Will has taken the place of Davy Jones to the command of the Flying Dutchman.

All, of course, portends the sixth chapter, in which Will, Elizabeth and of course Jack Sparrow, will have to contend again with Davy Jones to return from the world of the dead, with the franchise and anything else that is willing to give way.

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