Piero and Alberto Angela are spreading strong

Published on Mar 31, 2016

The streets of the parody are endless but never leave the high road of logic that distort, exaggerate and reduce to your liking. Piero Angela, eighty kings of the disclosure a scientific Italian television, is the scholar that the community Facebook Piero Angela, we will obey it elevates the role of high God of wisdom side-by-side with the equally encyclopedic and handsome son and demigod, Alberto.

The information on the page they refer to “the fantastic Piero's rangers” by offering a privileged space for the “cult of Piero and the handsome son Alberto.”

In the pantheon in which to venerate Piero Angela non-missing son, Alberto , whose presence on Facebook is certainly not a joke: 553mila people. The supreme father, perhaps also a generational problem, not a need for greater consensus on Facebook and this gap promptly provide the adoring community of Piero's rangers.

In the span of a few months the page has already exceeded 50 thousand followers and also if you are still looking for a form of comedy more defined has already centered a few effective hits. At the moment, the figure of the God Piero that everything can resolve and has an impact less devastating and of the son, playboy scholar who lives the experience of the paleontologist and researcher exhibiting his irresistible masculinity as well as sexy stars in Hollywood. Hence the slogan of one of the memes the most successful:

A phrase that is also liked to the writer and the author of the comic Adelmo Munich, component of the puglia region, the group's satirical but was.en and author of the book The cooks on TV are whores.

“Piero and Alberto's reign. This is their moment. The meme I DIVULGO STRONG has all my envy because I see him share women's ambirei even if I were single,” says Adelmo Munich.

“Have legitimized in the social, Alberto especially, the ability of women to make appreciations also a bit pushed, however, because they are doing it on a man of culture. Women do not feel as free in respect of Crozza or Floris, for example. Alberto could do the publicity of any thing, is the sports car is one for families. It is time his. You may apply for any thing to the mayor of Rome. I also have a book of his on the ancient Rome and things have not changed all that much. Watch there and I here, Alberto Angela: the Empire. I would vote.”

The social comedy which traces the road of caricature, adapting it to the tastes of a new audience and choose their targets among the giants of television that have tried to give something to their audience before being devoured by time, by the kitsch and the canon in the bill.


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