Picked up the Badge for WWDC: Apple this year gives a denim jacket and lots of pins


Published on Jun 04, 2017


Missing a few hours at WWDC 2017. The developers have already picked up the badge along with the gift of Apple this year. iSpazio will follow the event better than usual, thanks to the students of Naples, who have won the scholarship, and then will participate in the conference directly from California.

Not long ago we have told you the story of Lucius, a boy of naples expatriate in London to find a professional outlet, giving up his passion. Recently, he returned to Italy, participating in the iOS Developer Academy opened by Apple in Naples and is now a developer at all effects, with interesting projects in the pipeline that soon will land in the App Store, and we will investigate on our site.

Lucio, in reality, is an old friend and is also friends of iSpazio. It was so good to have presented a project at Apple that has allowed him to gain admission to the WWDC 2017, winning the scholarship, which each year is dedicated to 350 students all over the world.

From the iOS Developer Academy have been selected 21 Italian boys. In total, 26 fellowships received in Italy.

Some day these guys are in America and thanks to them we can receive of the additional material relative to the WWDC 2017, with a lot of information that usually we are not able to provide in the days subsequent to those of the Keynote.

The Badge of admission has already been withdrawn, and this year Apple has also provided extra material. It is a denim jacket, black Levi's printed above the logo of the WWDC 2017. Furthermore, it has been provided with a set of pins, a bracelet and a pin with the flag of their own nationality.

In San Jose you can feel the atmosphere of the WWDC some day and actually at this time really miss a few hours at the beginning of the event. Please note that you can follow it live tomorrow from 18:00 hours on our page

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