Peter Frederiksen the collector of vaginas

Published on Nov 26, 2015
The bail was rejected. The magistrate Marlene Marais says that they do not speak: the danger of escape and threat to the witnesses. And then outside of the court there was the mob of the movement for women's rights, that cry for vengeance. No, Peter Frederiksen, 63 years of age, Danish transplanted from a decade in Africa, must remain in prison. The owner of an armory in Bloemfontein, is finished inside when the police found a 21 clits in his freezer and two left to dry on hooks hanging in the garage. Had denounced him his young wife, Anna Matshidiso Molise, 28 years old, who already had turned to the police to querelarlo of ill-treatment. Today the man is hanging, accused of three assaults with sexual violence against many women, separation of human tissues, possession and production of child pornography, bigamy. And complicity in the murder: three weeks after her arrest, Anna has been mysteriously killed in Maseru. To those who belong vaginas mutilated? One, it seems, his own wife. Of the other does not speak. He only says that it is his fault, of Anna, who wanted to fit in through witchcraft. But that all of the alleged victims of infibulation, and these were all consenting. Here may just be the story of a madman, by verify, point by point. The interview shock But, three months before ending up in jail, Peter had released a video interview of 12 hours to a couple of journalists in denmark. The interview where he had asked to remain anonymous, who is now in the hands of the investigators and that he was seen and told by the City Press. The two, Peter had told of his passion for the weapons, as well as it to him, had attacked his grandfather. And then for the sadomasochism, grown in him, witnessing the rituals of infibulation. The first, remember, was a priestess of satan when he still was in Denmark, who asked him explicitly to "cut her". He did not know how to do it. But to his luck he met Jorn Ege Siana, the plastic surgeon who deformed her patients with operations to enlarge the penis. Him, in a few lessons, explained how: "I used a local anesthetic and it went well. Not lost a lot of blood there. I used something to stop the bleeding and after about ten days it is healed, thanks to a special cream. Was very pleased with the results." It all started after logging in to the Smil, club bdsm Danish, about twenty years ago. The thing she liked. And there, in the south of Africa, where it was directed to the offices of the Ngo, had then discovered the great tradition: "you are Not circumcised here, as if they were in Egypt or in Somalia. There is a great tradition in some parts of South Africa and Lesotho". More. It boasts of being the only white man to have been invited to a "female circumcision in the mountains of Lesotho. The lady who invited me asked me if I had any experience in cutting. I said yes and I could help her, because they don't use anesthetics". Fifteen girls undergoing treatment. Parts excised, boiled with herbs. More not says. Nor to those who belong and those clits, nor how they ended up in his freezer. But perhaps in this video interview, there is enough to keep him in for a piece. Edoardo Montolli

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