Pesticides in the foods we eat every day, we are and we have the evidence (VIDEO)


Published on Nov 16, 2017


What we put on the table every day? We are nourished with products that are good for health? There are pesticides in food that we eat every day? The answer is yes, and we also have the evidence, thanks to the campaign #ipesticididentrodinoi carried forward from the theme shows of saie with Legambiente, WWF, ISDE-Association of Doctors for the Environment, the LIPU. They are, in fact, been collected, and the urine of a normal family that lives in a neighborhood near the center of Rome, which pays attention to what he eats, formed by four people including two children aged 7 and 9 years. The urine were analyzed at a laboratory in Bremen. The results were made known through a video.

The campaign #ipesticididentrodinoi revealed the presence of pesticides in the foods we eat every day

The urine analysis had the objective of bringing to the fore the level of contamination by pesticides in the body of the members of this family. The substances taken into consideration in the course of the analysis appear to be present in high quantities. The glyphosate is present in the body of the dad in the percentage of 116%, and this concentration is more than twice higher than the average. Children also have high levels of glyphosate: the girl of 9 years, has 0,16 micrograms per liter and the small of 0.19, compared to an average of 0.12 micrograms per liter. With regard to the insecticide chlorpyrifos, which is used in the fields, is present in alarming levels in the urine of the child of 7 years, with 5 micrograms per gram of creatinine. The average value for the population is 1.5 micrograms per gram. But in that way, the chlorpyrifos is harmful to health? May affect the capacity for attention and learning. The analysis took into account the metabolite Cl2CA, and m-PBA, two products of the contamination from pyrethroids. These emerge in a consistent manner in the body of the members of the family are taken into consideration, with a concentration of 3.4 micrograms per gram in the mother. This concentration is considered very high.

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The data are very worrying and alarming, as is also affirmed by the medical oncologist and member of the ISDE Patrizia Gentilini. The latter in this regard says that such substances act at doses low” and “many are endocrine disruptors, and there are thousands of published studies that measure the effects on human health of the substances investigated”. The chlorpyrifos is the most dangerous drug, especially for kids who have a nervous system in development, and for this reason it is of concern concentration detected in the urine of the child. Glyphosate is another substance present in amounts greater than the average, and “are certainly documented its effects as an endocrine disruptor and its role in the kidney damage and genotoxic, in addition to the alteration of intestinal bacterial flora”, as stated by the doctor. As A result of the experiment, the family is making a diet and organic products, and at the end of November you will find out the results. In short, it is clear that the presence of pesticides in the foods that we eat every day.

The video with the results of the analysis of the urine submitted to the family:

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