PES 2019: launch trailer and the first information


Published on May 09, 2018


PES 2019 will see the presence of a large number of official licensed leagues, stadiums and club teams. The game will see the presence also of a series of new Legends, which will be soon announced. Philippe Coutinho, The champion FC Barcelona and ambassador of the game, will be the player to appear on the cover of PES 2019, will also be available in a special version that celebrates one of the greatest champions of all time in English football: David Beckham.

Fans of Pro Evolution Soccer will be enchanted by the incredible realism of the reproduction of the movements of the players, enhanced by the differences of style stars like Coutinho, Beckham and many others. PES 2019 will allow you to develop and evolve your style of play thanks to the introduction of a series of new abilities that allow you to play the best of all the Magical Moments that occur in the rectangle game, where the PES 2019 will have a gameplay like no other.

Find the spaces in the oppositions defence will be even more difficult thanks to the indicator of the Fatigue Visible, which will impact on the performance and behavior of the player. A new mechanics of the throws will be affected by the new physics of the ball, the position of the ball and the kicker, by the skill of the player and his style of shooting. Score a goal in PES 2019 will give more satisfaction thanks to the new physics of networks and ports to a new series of celebrations and animations of the fans.

The most beautiful game in the world has never been so real thanks to the possibilities offered by the software ‘Enlighten’ that will allow incredible graphics in 4K HDR on all platforms. The function ‘Global Illumination” will allow a perfect rendition of light and shadow in real-time, which will further improve the in-game graphics and the details of the public. PES 2019 will see significant improvements also in the reproduction of the turf of all the stadiums, will make its return to the possibility of playing during the snow.

The mode myClub will be improved considerably, thanks to a new reproduction of the card players, that will revolutionize the way you make up the teams. Fans of myClub
can find Players Very high Performance, which include both the Legends Players of the Week that will have statistics, with particularly high thanks to the performance obtained in a real world game that you just played.

KONAMI is proud to continue its partnership with one of the football tournaments in the summer or the most famous in the world, the International Champions Cup (ICC). Some of the elements of the ICC will be implemented in a renewed version of the Master League, which will see the presence of a new system of trading, new levels of difficulty, with dynamic menu “live” and transfers that are realistic.

The players of PES 2019 will have a new interface which will be dynamically updated to inform in real time the fans on the latest news on PES. This new graphical style was designed around the concept of movement, the menu, the “live” that inform the player about exclusive offers and discounts on other new products in the pipeline.

“KONAMI with PES 2019 has introduced the changes and the changes suggested by the fan base of the game. PES 2019 is the best chapter of the series Pro Evolution Soccer,” said Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director for Brand and Business Development of Konami Digital Entertainment B. V. “our greatest desire is to provide, to our fans, more than they ever desired. PES 2019 will be launched on the 30th of August and will include new licenses of teams, new licenses of championships and a lot of improvements to the gameplay. PES 2019 will be our best game ever, with graphics 4K and a series of uniqueness in the style of the players on the field, able to screen live all the experience of the real game of football.”

PES 2019 will be available from August 30 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One™ and PC (STEAM).
This new chapter of the series Pro Evolution Soccer will be available in two different physical edition, the standard edition with on the cover the global ambassador of the game, Philippe Coutinho and a special edition with the cover of David Beckham, the latter will allow fans to unlock the bonus myClub. KONAMI will publish, in addition, a digital edition devoted to Legends.

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