Persepolis Rising – The rebirth: here comes the new novel in the saga The Expanse of

Published on Feb 13, 2018

Tomorrow, 14 February, arrives in eBook and in paper format Persepolis rising – The rebirth, the new novel by James S.A. Corey that is part of the series the Expanse, the revolutionary space opera from which comes the eponymous TV series on Netflix, after the success of the first two seasons, has decided to produce a third.

In Persepolis rising – The rebirth, the seventh book of the saga, is returning to an old and very dangerous enemy.

In the network of the thousands of new worlds as possible after the expansion of humanity, the colonies are fighting with every strength possible, and to try their way.

In the large space between the Earth and Jupiter, the inner planets have formed an alliance safe and very uncertain, persecuted by a history of long wars and the strong prejudices die hard.

The crew of the spaceship Rocinante has now a very delicate task: maintain as long as possible, the more and more shaky and fragile peace.

The precarious balance will be made even more strained by the unexpected, because now a hidden enemy has in mind new and obscure projects for the whole of humanity and wants at all costs to assert his power...

The literary saga The Expanse is so far composed by the novels:

Persepolis rising – The rebirth, will be available in the eBook, on the major digital stores, from Wednesday 14 February, to eur 4.99 and, on the occasion of the debut of the seventh novel in the saga, all six novels previous will be offered in eBook at 1,99 euros each, for a whole month starting from 14 February.

The print edition of Persepolis rising will be available grace Fanucci Editore, starting from the 28th of February at 19.00 euros at the library and on the best online store.

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