Perpendicular and parallel street and avenue in New York

Published on May 11, 2016

Fold a map is difficult, yes... But also read it is not less! Often they represent a tangle of straight roads or curves that intersect. A city that is easy to navigate is New York city because its streets are all parallel or perpendicular. All roads horizontal, they call the street and all the roads vertical, they call the avenue: they are all numbered, do not need to remember the names of all the streets, to orient!


Street and avenue in New York city can help us to understand how they work perpendicular and parallel.

All the street are parallel to each other and the same is true for the avenue. Think of the roads as straight lines: two straight lines that have no points of incidence are parallel straight lines. Two parallel lines are always at the same distance: prolungandole infinitely from one side to the other never intersect.

If two straight lines meet in only one point, are called accidents. The point where they intersect is called the point of incidence, or intersection. Two straight incidents form four angles with the common vertex at the point of incidence. So every street is incident to a avenue! But street and avenue intersect to form four right angles, i.e. angles of 90°, then they are perpendicular lines.


But we also do a jump to Broadway, a road cross! This road cuts the street and the avenue, forming at the points of incidence of the angles have special properties:

Even in Italy there are cities easy to visit: try to look at a map of Turin and located in the streets parallel and perpendicular!

Curious to learn more? Check out the lesson on perpendicular and parallel and work out with the exercises!

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