Perchino Express, accident for Paola Caruso: here's what happened

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Paola Caruso, the former Bonas of Next another, during the Beijing Express had an accident, nothing serious, but it seems that the showgirl has had to take a fear from the competition

Beijing Express, the realty of Rai uno, this year is full of twists. Paola Caruso, for example, the former Bonas of Next another, has had a small accident.

For Paola Caruso, the experience of the Beijing Express, immediately became very special. The former Bonas of Next another is proving to be a tough fabric, but also for her to have arrived to lend a hard time. Paola had, in fact, a minor accident during the second episode of the reality and adventure di Rai due Pechino Express, broadcast on Thursday 27 September.

The Caruso participates in the reality in the pair The Ridanciani. The former castaway Island of the Famous, he had a small accident at the lip. A sheet of paper is literally pasted on the lips even if Caruso had not used any type of glue or product. Someone had imagined that the package could be left hanging thanks to a lipstick or a lip gloss. Nothing of that, but it is not over here.

The photos of Paola struggling with the sheet of paper stuck to the lip immediately become viral on the web. After that, in fact, the Caruso is hurt for real and has been in need of ice to relieve his ankle pain. In fact, it will need a medication in order to continue his adventure.

The people of the web you seem to be a bit divided but Paola it is putting all to prove to the viewers from home and the other travelers of the reality-tv adventure, his skill with languages, that allows you to have greater chances of finding accommodation are good.

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