Pensions the latest news, how to apply for option woman and early retirement


Published on Jan 30, 2019


The Inps provides instructions for filing the application for a pension for the woman, and the early pension. On the website of the institute you can now access and enter your questions to leave work earlier than provided for by the Law Fornero. Therefore, the reform of the pension system goes live and becomes effective even at a practical level. We discover so as to present the question for these two measures and what are the requirements.

On the website of the Inps, it is possible to access to submit applications for the new measures and those extended by the Government of M5S-League with the Decree-law. Therefore, the Official Journal has written that has been extended to the option the woman. Please note also that the contributions needed to leave the job with early retirement are 42 years and 10 months for men and 41 years and 10 months for women.

The first thing to do is to apply online for pensions that is to go to The citizen can access his reserved area on the website of the Inps, if in the possession of a Pin issued by the Institute, Spid, or the national services Card. We are, therefore, to go among the online services in the “Question Board, Reconstitution, Accrued expenses, ECOCERT, BEE and Social Benefit early”. On the left menu you must select the option “New question“.

Then, for the option woman you have to select in sequence: “retirement Pension/old age – “old age Pension/early” – “Contributory experimental workers“.

For early retirement pension, the sequence is instead: “the retirement Pension/old age – “old age Pension/early” – the “Ordinary“.

The demand for the option woman and the early retirement pension can also be submitted by the patron or other authorized persons to the mediation of instances of service to the Inps. It is possible to apply also through the Contact center Inps at the following numbers: 803 164 for calls from fixed and free, 06 164 164 for calls from the mobile network with rate-dependent operator.

Can apply for the option woman, all female employees born later than 31 December 1960 and the self-employed women, born before 31 December 1959. The contributions requirement is a minimum of 35 years. Can access early retirement of women with 41 years and 10 months of contributions, and the men with 42 years and 10 months of paid contributions.

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