Pensions latest news Law Budget 2020: all possibilities to leave the job


Published on Nov 05, 2019


Pensions the latest news, the text of the Budget Law 2020 was sent to the Senate: what are the possibilities for leaving the job? This is what you are asking older workers, who think the ability to retire starting next year. But between the political debates and not on the pension you are likely to make a lot of mess. So today we want to introduce you a mirror of those that are the outputs from the work as possible, both with the Law Fornero, with subsequent measurements. We must, however, specify that fact, with the Budget Law 2020, there is a real pensions reform. There remain many measures and others are extended, with no substantial differences compared to the previous year.

Below we see some of the forms of retirement the most discussed at the disposal of the workers for the next year. These measures are old, relatively new, and extended, that allow you to leave work even earlier to the achievement of certain requirements. Here's the full list of these options to retire by clarity on deadlines as a result of the Law of Fiscal 2020.

Old-age pension – You can retire at 67 years of age, having paid at least 20 years of contributions.

An altitude of 100 – And is certainly the measure most discussed in the. Lets you leave work at 62 years of age with 38 years of contributions. The check out is they would like to abolish the death penalty because it is costly and destined to a niche of citizens. Among the categories penalized include, for instance, women, who in most cases fail to achieve the required contributions.

Option woman – This measure will be extended again in 2020. The requirements are 58 years of age for the employees and 59 for the independent, with a minimum of 35 years of contributions. The requirements should be earned within the date of 31 December 2019.

Early retirement pension – Continued the blocking of the increase in timing that would be derived from the increase in life expectancy. So, also for 2020, and up to 2026, you can leave the work with 41 years and 10 months of contributions for women and 42 years and 10 months of contributions for men.

Bee social – this measure is extended to 2020 and is targeted to the disadvantaged categories of workers. We talk about the unemployed, those who have done heavy work for 7 years in the last 10 years, workers with a disability assessed greater than or equal to 74%, those who care for at least six months of a relative. The age must be 63 years old. The requirements have to be achieved by 31 December 2020.

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