Pensions and car tax, speaks Salvini: here's what the truth is


Published on Dec 06, 2018


The deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, as a result of the numerous pieces of information that follow one another in the newspapers, he told the truth about the question of pensions and car tax. He has done Radio myself saying: “I have Not found any reference on the top 100 pensions in the Maneuver, are the fantasies of the newspapers.“ The idea of new taxes on cars, Salvini also said to be the contrary, as is currently already one of the assets most subject to taxation. The Minister of the Interior is so light on what is hypothesized in the last days. The budget continues to be at the centre of economic and political debates, also because of problems that arose with the European Union.

Therefore, from what has emerged from the words of Salvini to Radio anch'io, it seems clear that pension reform does not steps back. In particular, are not expected referrals concerning the measurement of the pension portion 100. He said: “We are the government for 6 months and we still haven't done half of the Manoeuvre“. He added that “the results of a government you see, at least after an economic Maneuver“. The deputy prime minister has then said: “I don't think that the markets go up or fall on the basis of sympathy for Salvini. We ask that you leave us to work.“

Therefore, the leader of the League remains firm on the positions declared in the election campaign and seems to not want to do any kind of step back. From his words it seems, averted the risk of further tax your car as well as the possibility that the pension portion 100 undergoing changes. These are days that the Minister of the Interior spoke on the matter, telling the truth, and often denying the rumors.

The deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini has not even spared a few words about the Tav. He, therefore, declared: “On the Tav I will be cheering for the yes always“. We can thus the final examination of the technical, but in this regard the Minister said that “Italy needs more infrastructure not less infrastructure.“

Do not miss the words about the products coming from China. The latter would give “unfair competition“. Therefore, according to the deputy, “you need to re-discuss the globalization because there is a reality in the world, China, which is not a democracy” and that also “creates unfair competition to businesses throughout the world with its products, starting from a level of advantage.“ He therefore concluded by saying that “it is necessary to examine the role of China“.

These are the words of Matteo Salvini on the various issues of concern to the italians these days.

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