Pennyworth: official trailer and first poster


Published on Jun 12, 2019


Epix has released the official trailer for Pennyworth , the series where fans will have the opportunity of seeing the focus on Alfred, on the development of that personality that brought him then to become the most trusted ally of the Dark Knight. So like Bruce, he too, in your youth, you will have to face his darker side in relation to the darker side of his city, London.

This is the first poster:

The story will tell the story of a young ex-soldier of the British SAS (Alfred) of London in the ’60s and his meeting with a rich and powerful american with whom to join forces, Thomas Wayne. At the centre of the story of the kidnap attempt of Thomas to be part of the Raven Society, a secret society comparable to the Court of Owls comic book, as explained by Ludens. Alfred will bump into the Raven Society, because the woman that he loves, Esme, was captured, and therefore will use all of his skills to try to rescue her.

To interpret the young Alfred will be Jack Bannon (The Imitation Game): the future butler of the house of Wayne is described as “a boy from london, young, beautiful, cheerful, charming, smart, honest, sociable and witty, that nobody sees as a hitman of the SAS”. Thomas Wayne will be played by Ben Aldridge. This is the description of the father of Bruce: “a young billionaire from the face clean coming from the East Coast of the United States. Positive and calm, the young aristocrat found in Alfred Pennyworth an unlikely ally”.

The new series, Epix, will be produced by Bruno Heller, already showrunner of Gotham; would have already been ordered for ten episodes for the first season which, as mentioned, will be aired on the network already have user of Get Shorty and Berlin Station. The premiere is set on the Epix for the 28th of July.

Pennyworth: official trailer and first poster is




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