Paul Ciavarro earn little to the Forum? Intervenes Barbara Palombelli


Published on Oct 20, 2018


Paul Ciavarro was the protagonist, in spite, of many of the entries triggered by the declarations of the mother, Eleonora Giorgi, a competitor of Big Brother Vip, where he said that the son did not earn enough in his work. Barbara Palombelli intervenes. Paul Ciavarro is paid a little? The statements of Eleonora Giorgi

Eleonora Giorgi had said inside the house of Big Brother Vip, that the son Paul worked at the Forum and also to Amici di Maria De Filippi. The sentence: “because they pay little is forced to work in production up to late to be able to round up” has, however, aroused some doubts. It was initially thought that the accusation was addressed to Maria De Filippi and in the production of Friends, but things were not properly so.

The production of Friends, using the page Facebook official, has informed that Paul from their not working in production. Therefore, it is quite clear that the phrase in question was actually referring to the transmission Forum. In the meantime, however, Paul spoke on the issue with a post on social.

In the message the guy he made fun of the mother by assuming that the imprisonment in the house of Big Brother Vip probably the was doing have le traveggole, and that he is fully satisfied with his work and of what they perceive. Barbara Palombelli, however, wanted to tell her.

As the report FanPage, the presenter of the Forum wanted to make his clarification on the matter founded on the salary earned by Paul Ciavarro. Barbara Palombelli it is addressed directly to the boy, saying:

Have you recovered from all the controversy of Big Brother Vip? Number 1 we want you well and number 2, young people struggle a little bit at the beginning and do a bit of apprenticeship. You are one of the most good at play, and in production you learn so much.

Finally, he pointed out that the mother is an actress, so all that will say is the subject of the show.

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