Paul Ciavarro and the words of Eleonora Giorgi about his low pay: the news


Published on Oct 17, 2018


In the last hours there has been much talk of the representations of Eleonora Giorgi in regard to the work carried out by his son. The Giorgi, talking with his friends in the house of Big Brother Vip 3, often forgets that the cameras shooting the one that tells 24 hours a day, where you let go of the confidences that maybe he could keep for himself. Among these, that relating to the work of his son. Yesterday we talked about the confessions of Giorgi, pointed out that as his son to work much but gain little. A waffle is made in the night of today, we have recovered the video. You understand, by listening better and so integral to the speech made by Eleanor who, to pay a little Ciavarro, it would not be the Charm of Maria de Filippi for his work with the Friends but the production of the Forum, at least judging by the words.

It must be said that Giorgi, saying that the son stops in production to work because it is paid a little, however, when he seen that his second job didn't meet a lot. Paul has already responded via social media, and now we bring you his message, saying he was well satisfied with the work done and the pay they receive.

But the words of the contestant of Big Brother Vip are not passed unnoticed, and a few hours ago also Betty Soldiers, responsible of the press office of the Charm and all of the programs of Maria de Filippi, including Friends and the day time led by Ciavarro, wanted to tell her about it.



Shame that Friends Paul Ciavarro not work in production, and his throws for the day time are never live so unfortunately -and sorry to say it-Eleonora Giorgi evidently speaks not of Friends but ...???🤣🤣🤣

A post shared by Elizabeth's Soldiers (@bettysold) date: Oct 17, 2018 at 9:03 pm PDT

Then to pay a little Paul would be the Forum? Better to think that Paul is well paid for his work, as he has written and confirmed it on the social.

Evidently, the “imprisonment” gives the traveggole. I am happy, proud and satisfied with my work and how I feel! I wanted to say! ❤

— Paul Ciavarro (@paulciav) October 16, 2018

Paul speaks of his work in general, and then of what he does for the Forum that what performs for Friends.


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