Patrick left by Valeria Marini: what Ivan leaves all of the stucco

Published on Oct 10, 2018

Valeria marini puts a stop to her relationship with Patrick. but surprise, his behavior in respect of the tempter

From the first day of the stay at Temptation Island Vip, Valeri Marini, immediately approached the single Ivan Gonzalez. The young Iberian has conquered Valeria. On the other side of the village, Patrick has had to watch helpless to these scenes, meetings and tender, sometimes romantic.

Patrick Baldassari has several times specified in this adventure with Valeria felt as an assistant because of the working. The Marine is accused of being too focused on the work. Valeria has not taken very well this statement, and from there everything changed. Let herself go a little more in the with Ivan. Virtually Ivan and Valeria have lived three weeks in complete symbiosis.

Many thought that such behaviour was studied in a table from the production so the whole thing was so unexpected.

According to Valeria Marini, thanks to this experience she realised that she want to next another type of man. On the other side of the village we have a Patrick very disappointed and distraught by the situation.

Before the last bonfire Patrick watch yet another video of Ivan and Valeria. The two once again separated and exchanged kisses and hugs intense, even more than those of the romantic week-end. Valeria greets the single Ivan, referring to the appointment, and promises him that soon they would meet very, very soon.

During the bonfire Valeria says that she was bitter and hurt in the deep by the words of Patrick, and of not having received enough love during their relationship. Patrick from his song feels hurt in his pride because he's convinced that Valeria has failed to respect during the whole experience.

A hard-fought battle between the two that ends with a final ending. None of the two is interested in continuing their story. The Marine claims to have behaved badly only to cause the now ex-boyfriend, but he doesn't believe her and cut it short.

Valeria decides to return again single:

“Then I want to exit from Temptation keeping everything inside that I have lived. I want to go out hoping to meet the love without Patrick”

Patrick also confirms the intention to close their story. They separated to the right and another to the left. The doubt that gnaws all is about love stories between Valeria and Ivan. But contrary to what happened to Marx with Sara, including Valeria Marini and Ivan, there was no rapprochement or meeting. This stunned all the viewers who expected a meeting between the two.

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