Pasta with chickpeas and mussels

Published on Aug 09, 2019

Pasta beans and mussels is a first course really surprising. It is a dish traditional in the south of Italy, particularly Puglia, which is famous for dishes with mussels. Cooking with the addition of water to the fruits of the sea, the starch of the pasta released in cooking united the cream of legumes has made this first dish is creamy and really nice tasty. If you like pasta and beans with mussels, you can not miss this variant with the chickpeas, there is really a mouth-watering 😉
One last thing before I leave you to the recipe... if you decide to start from dried chickpeas, I highly recommend you remember to put them in the bath the night before, I was lucky my mom who provides me with all the vegetables boiled, then they are facilitated in the time, but then change the port the finished dish. It seems to me an exchange more than fair, don't you think?

Clean the mussels, then let them open in a frying pan over high heat with cover.
Peel them and strain the cooking juices, then keeping it aside.

Sauté garlic, oil and chilli in a pot, then add the chickpeas with the water and let them cook.
Add also the water of the mussels and cook for ten minutes.

Raised half of the chickpeas and blend until you obtain a homogenous cream.

Feed the pasta into the chickpeas were and start cooking, adding more water cakda as needed.
When the pasta is almost done, add the mussels, the mashed chickpeas and the parsley, and season with salt.

Pasta with chickpeas and mussels is ready, decorated with a few shells and fresh parsley and serve.


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