Pasta and sports, winning combination: the results of a study


Published on Mar 04, 2020


If there is a dish that distinguishes the Italian cuisine in the world is pasta. Economical and nutritious, the farming tradition, using the pasta as a main dish to eat for both lunch and dinner. Today, a different life, less active on the physical plane, has reduced the quantities in the dishes, but he never eliminated from power. A simple affection, the throat or the real need nutritional? According to a research, the mediterranean diet is a healthy and balanced diet, and the pasta was a perfect food for people who practice sport.

The pasta is perfect for those who practice sports: here's what it says the study

An example: in 2016, the quantity of paste distributed to the athletes during the Rio Olympics has been well-2,7 tonnes. The reasons are those stated by a study conducted on 23,000 subjects of various kinds, which highlighted the ability of the dough to improve the body mass index, and not the weight. And the result has been to see to decrease also the abdominal circumference, in addition to the relationship between the waist and the hips.

For specialists and sports doctors so there is no doubt: the dough for those who do sport is a true all-rounder. The research that has established all of this has been published in the scientific journal Nutrition and Diabetes, and was conducted by the Department of Epidemiology at the Irccs Neuromed of Pozzilli. This is for a thesis confirmed by other organisations on nutrition, as well as by the American College of Sports Medicine, which support the need for the diet of athletes contains the right amount of carbohydrates, and that the recruitment should be properly distributed before, during, and after workouts and races. At this point a question arises: how much pasta can I eat it?

The right amount of pasta

If Rio were abundant spaghetti and fusilli, in Italy, the types with which it is done, pasta are many, and every type of pasta goes well for the mediterranean diet. Just do not overdo it with the amount. In fact, in the case of the classic rigatoni, or alternative spaghetti squares, what matters is the amount that ends up in the pot. We must, however, also pay attention to what you bring to the table, because the type of paste influences the amount of portion to eat. In fact, one of whole wheat pasta, durum wheat pasta, egg pasta and other formulas more or less laden ingredients, the choice is very rich. But, depending on the type, the weight should be sized accordingly, not to mention all of the dressings and other dishes. Then you can go for the 100 grams of dry pasta, if you do not touch other food while in front of a three-course meal are just fine the 60. And for the fresh pasta, the quantities are reduced by half to 2/3 the maximum. Yes to the pasta, then, provided that the portions are right.

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