Pascucci kitchen roasted octopus with broccoli, the recipe for The test of the cook


Published on Nov 22, 2019


As always, the recipes of Gianfranco Pascucci to The proof of the cook are not trivial, but very tasty, refined, innovative, and easy to prepare, even if might seem otherwise. You only need a little bit of time and we will have the roasted octopus with broccoli as the one shown in The proof of the cook today is November 22, 2019. Among the recipes, The proof of cook Pascucci we also add this to the roasted octopus. However, the octopus is first boiled, but there is also more to be done, everything is explained in steps today's recipe of Pascucci for The test of the cook. Following the preparation of a second dish really refined with octopus and cream of broccoli.

Ingredients roasted octopus, The proof of the cook: 1 octopus of about 800 g, 1 brocco roman small, 200 g broccoli (cime di rapa), 100 g mixed lettuce leaves, star anise, wakame seaweed, olive oil, salt

Preparing octopus Pascucci: to cook the best octopus is good to freeze it for at least 2 days, or the fighting fresh with the meat tenderizer, so it will be softer. Let thaw in the fridge and then clean up the octopus with a bit of kitchen paper, especially clean the part of the tentacles. In a pot heat a bit of olive oil, we have the octopus when the oil is hot and add a bay leaf and a clove of garlic. Let's go and when the octopus changes color sfumiamo with the wine and then add two fingers of water. Cover with the lid and let cook 20 – 30 minutes on low heat. We then go into the water and ice, and we cut it in large pieces. We now roast the octopus on the hot plate with a drizzle of oil, grill on one side only.

The bottom of the cooking of the octopus we narrow the focus, we get a thick sauce. Glassiamo the octopus while it is still on the plate.

The broccoli instead of the boil with a little water and a drizzle of olive oil, down and shake with a little salt, whisking with the mixer at dive we also add a drizzle of olive oil. In a pan heat a little oil with the garlic and add the turnip tops clean and algae. Cook and blend immersion and filter.

We serve the cream of broccoli on top with a few drops of turnip tops, then the octopus and the juice of limpne.

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