Party of Five: the first trailer for the reboot


Published on May 16, 2019


Party of Five is coming back... not exactly how I remember the way.

Freeform the cable channel ABC has released the first trailer for the reboot of Five in the family trope on the theme of immigration.

If in the original the five children of the title find themselves having to fend for themselves after their parents had died in a car accident, this time the couple is deported to Mexico.

Again a story of family in any case, as you can see from the trailer. The original series launched actors such as Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell and Scott Wolf.

In the cast of the reboot, the actor of Thirteen Brandon Larracuente has to take care of their younger siblings: a brother that is going wrong at school, a sister who is always angry with the world, one that is growing too fast and a baby on the way!

“Our parents have made to crescerci... we do too!”

Party of Five: the first trailer for the reboot is




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