Partition walls for office: how to create a work environment that is more functional and productive


Published on May 12, 2020


Have work spaces functional, safe, and capable of bringing about the concentration, it is very important for the productivity of the corporate offices.

You will often come across in large offices where all the employees work in a unique and chaotic open space: this works for jobs in which a few colleagues, must deal constantly, but it does not pay off in the contexts in which the activities are divided into different departments, and required accuracy and concentration.

What happens in the big open space? Minimum vital space, and telephones that ring continuously, colleagues who speak aloud documents that you mix... Here is that the chaos takes over, undermining concentration, well-being and the quality of the work.

A way to remedy there is, and it is a cost-effective solution, flexible and customizable: the office partitions. We see the combination of characteristics, uses and benefits of this valuable tool.

The office partitions are one of the most practical, versatile and comfortable to subdivide the spaces, to be optimized according to the operational demands of the business.

The advantage of these walls lies in the fact that they are a very flexible tool, which can be assembled and disassembled easily according to needs, for example, to create meeting rooms, temporary offices or reserved to the manager or at meetings with clients. In short, this solution is much more practical and economical compared to costly and intrusive works in masonry. Not to forget that are quick and easy to install.

All of these benefits, however, are obtained only by choosing office partitions made and certified by the best manufacturers in the circulation, as Prismac milan-based company specialized in furniture solutions for offices and work environments. Prismac produces partition walls, plasterboard, glass and sheet metal, in standard models or tailor-made, high-quality material characterized by strength, functionality and properties of thermo-acoustic, to absorb noise and improve the quality of the work in the office.

As mentioned above, there are three main materials used for the partition walls for offices, glass, plasterboard and sheet metal. What are the pros and cons of each? Here are some useful indications for the orientation in the choice.

A feature very much appreciated, also, of the partition walls is their dual function of furniture and the division of environments: they can act as a furniture-sided, for example in the form of a wall, used to derive separate spaces without sacrificing the design of the entire environment.

Prismac that specializes in the design, production and installation of innovative solutions for offices. All the products in the catalog can be customized and diversified on the basis of customer requirements with engineers and designers, who, armed with years of experience in the industry, know very well the problems (and therefore solutions) of large and small offices.

Without any costly renovations, the staff Prismac is able to mount the partition walls in a short time and at low cost. The company, which has its headquarters on the outskirts of Milan, using only high-quality materials; in addition to the partition walls, offers a wide range of dedicated solutions to working environments such as metal shelving, industrial, safety stairways, attics, archives, business, and much more. A team that is always up-to-date is always ready to give the best advice for redesign to better the environments according to the needs of the business.

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