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Published on Nov 09, 2019


If there is one thing that is not lacking in Brian K. Vaughan is the versatility.

The celebrated author of Runaways, Y The Last Man and other jewellery is, in fact, able to devise intriguing sagas supereroiche, science fiction stories and events from the tone of the dystopian, demonstrating to always have creativity and imagination. Paper Girls, published in America by Image and translated in Italy by Bao Publishing, is yet another demonstration.

The series in question could be called science fiction, and the dominant theme is that of time travel. Even though there are locations that are always different, Vaughan clarifies from the beginning an important concept: there are no parallel dimensions, but only our world, which, however, according to the various timelines in which it carries on the plot, it takes on different characteristics. This pretext gives Vaughan the opportunity to address a number of issues.

There are, however, allusions to topics of the mystical/esoteric and religious to Vaughan, however, uses it in a peculiar manner, by filtering with an attitude to sci-fi. The protagonists of the series are the twelve-year-old Erin and a group of peers her friends who for a variety of reasons remain, in spite of themselves, involved in a series of events that, Vaughan tells using a scan narrative fast, adrenaline-filled, borrowed from some action movie.

The author characterizes the characters in a precise manner. Erin, for example, that in these three volumes often takes on an important role, is smart and resourceful; Makenzie is rather homophobic and aggressive, while Tiffany and K. J. often reveal the fragility and emotional interior. All four, however, must face a frightening situation. Without that we still don't have an understanding of the causes, in fact, Erin and the others have remained involved in the machinations of strange people from another time, engaged in a conflict complicated.

Their leader is possibly God or, anyway, a being ancestral has several reasons to be angry with the human race. In these three volumes, Eric, and the other will visit the various timelines and, above all, compare with other version if same. They will know details of their future and it is not assured that it is a very satisfactory and idyllic. Between monsters, larvae gigantic, primitive men, and the warriors riding pterodactyls, and other suggestions from the b-movie, Vaughan conceives a fascinating tapestry and narrative.

Even this time missing issues intriguing. Vaughan, for example, evokes the fears of the Millennium Bug, refers to the eleven September, cites several comics as an essential part of the imaginary of the u.s. and imbastisce, then, a story by toni pop, characterized by texts and dialogues effective. Moreover, it stimulates the curiosity of the reader by alluding to a mysterious War of the Ages that, as you can imagine, it will become the dominant subject of later chapters.

The designs of Cliff Chiang, who many will remember for Wonder Woman. Its is a stretch deliberately crude but dynamic, a bit stylized and evanescent. The layout is inventive, in particular in the tables of the trip psychic and dreams of Erin, and in those which depict the landscapes of the prehistoric. Sometimes gives you shots of the whole page, of great visual impact. The illustrations are also enhanced by colours, sometimes dark and bruised now very intense, bravo Matt Wilson which can make the stretch dynamic of Chiang mai.

In short, the Paper Girls is to keep an eye on, and is yet another demonstration of the ability of Vaughan, an author is never trivial and capable of proposing jobs disruptive and personal, as well as the quality of the current production Image, a publishing house, who for a long time does not propose that the more bad copies of the comic book, Marvel and DC. For you to try.

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