Paolo Brosio, in tears, to the True: from the Island of the famous to the little girl that he adopted


Published on Mar 30, 2019


Paolo Brosio was one of the protagonists of the famous Island in 2019, but failed to reach the final. Today Brosio was then greeted by Silvia University in the living room of True. The former castaway told of this new experience on the Island of the famous, for him, in fact, is the second time in Honduras. But on this occasion Paul was a different person, a person of faith, and it is for this that he lived the experience in a way that is different from the first time. Today in True Brosio spoke about her participation in the reality show of Channel 5 but not only.

Already live in the last episode of the Island, Paul had mentioned to Alessia of what he saw when he left the Island. Today, with more calm he also tells Silvia University.

“When I was eliminated, I've seen the suffering real. I came out on the 18th of march. 19 to celebrate St. Joseph in all the world, and I went to mass, but I have not found the church. I saw the missionary priests celebrating mass in the streets, between the slurry, with the children playing football without shoes and so I thought back to the discussions on the island I had with Marina and Luke for glasses and I said but who cares”.

Then Brosio aches speaking of little Eva, the little girl that he adopted a few years ago.

“Eva is the girl who I adopted at a distance in Bosnia. In 2009, she came to pray on my knees and he chose me. I knew her when she was 18 months. I'm going to find it because she can't come to Italy”.

During his stay in Honduras, Brosio has much thought to the small. And in the living room of Silvia University says: “I thought so much of her in these weeks. On the Island, I prayed every day for her and for my mother, who is 98 years old, and that it is able to become a grandmother with this baby”.

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