Paola Perego is a Italian Stories recalls pfeiffer: “The affection for him was demonstrated when he was still alive”


Published on Jan 11, 2019


Paola Perego as you know, not send her to say, and its sincerity very often put in difficult situations but she always goes his own way and says what he thinks, a great advantage of these times. He did it again this morning in the living room of the Italian Stories. The host Eleonora Daniele, today Paola has talked about the new edition of the SuperBrain but, retracing his career, he also remembered Fabrizio Frizzi. He did it because in one of the most delicate moments of his career, Fabrizio, as he says today, the Perego, has been very close. “I still have his messages on your phone, read them often, I give the charge,” said the tv presenter Eleonora Daniele, after seeing one of his last interviews with Fabrizio Frizzi. The Perego is said to excited because every time that enters in the studies of the Dear, now renamed Studies Fabrizio Frizzi, sees his face, sees his blow-ups and she greets him as if it were in front of her.

Also to Paola, Fabrizio had found the right words at the right time:

“I greet him every day when I arrive to the studios now dedicated to him. I remember that the first of the Superbrain, I went in the dressing room from him, I was nervous for what had happened in the past, and said to me: “If I do, I do too.”

Regarding her disappearance, Paula stresses that life often is unfair, and leave us people who do not deserve. However, we would also like to say another thing: would have loved that, all the affection shown to Fabrizio after his death, had been shown even before, when he was still alive.

“Life is unfair, Fabrizio Frizzi did not deserve to leave. I wish that all the manifestations of affection towards him had been made before the”@peregopaola interviewed by @eleonoradaniele #storieitaliane @eleonoradaniele

— storieitaliane (@storie_italiane) January 11, 2019

And Eleonora Daniele, host of the Italian Stories, he says, perfectly agrees with his colleague. It is not the first time that friends and colleagues of Fabrizio Frizzi, highlight this situation. The presenter probably does not refer to the affection and the love of the common people, but in the esteem of those who in the Rai often forgot the value of Fabrizio.

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