Paola Di Benedetto said goodbye to Federico: “Lack of respect”


Published on Jul 11, 2019


The former Mother Nature tells the reasons which have led it to close the report

The love story between Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi has already reached the terminus. To give the news was the 24-year-old who, surprise, has revealed the farewell to the singer of Benji & Faith on his page Instagram. It seemed that the duo had found the harmony in love when Benjamin Mascolo is the boyfriend of Bella Thorne. And yet, without that there were apparently signs of a crisis, the relationship between Paola Di Benedetto and Federico Rossi interrupted.

A separation this comes sudden and totally unexpected, especially since in the last period of Paola and Federico were always shown together, happy and in love as always. Just two nights ago the pair had appeared together at the concert of Ligabue (idol of Benedict), while a little less than 8 hours ago, fred had tagged Paola in a history on Instagram during the concert of Jovanotti (where he was in the company of friends), dedicating a romantic song as the Light of the Moon.

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But then what was the triggering reason that has led Paola to say goodbye to the boyfriend? To explain it (more or less) is the same as that Of Benedict, in the history of Instagram, he left without words to the many fans of the couple, which never would have expected this announcement came at point-blank range on a hot morning in the summer.

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“My history with Frederick ended. If you have learned to get to know me, you know that in love, do everything. But when I see any lack of respect there I am,” writes the showgirl “Unfortunately, often, trust is worth nothing. My thought now is to heal my mind and my body, which as some of you may have seen has changed in recent times. I ask you only to understand a delicate moment, at least for me, and respect during this period.”

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