Paola Caruso new tronista in Spain?

Published on Aug 25, 2017

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If in Italy someone seems to have forgotten her, it took a few months in Spain to Paola Caruso to become an idol of the public. The former ‘Bonas‘ of Next another! in 2016 he also participated in the Island of the Famous coming to the end, in the past few weeks has been a competitor of Supervivientes, the version in the iberian of the reality show of Channel 5, which airs on Telecinco, and now I could get on the throne of Mujeres y hombres.

Yes, it's the Spanish equivalent of our Men and Women, with a format almost identical to the one invented by Maria De Filippi, and exported with success, also in Spain. The first production of the dating show wanted to the volcanic Paola as a columnist in an episode of the program, but there are a lot of rumors that indicate that the candidate to a place to tronista, also to reward his ill-fated participation in Supervivientes where it has been targeted with jokes heavy from the other competitors since the first episode but managed to be loved by the public.

According to the journalist Alberto Dandolo, however, as can be seen from the columns of the weekly ‘Today’ in reality, Caruso, although he said of being single, in reality, conceals a secret love even though he has not revealed who it is. And for this early in the showgirl calabrese could come back in our Country and leave as a competitor for the new reality show extreme Italia 1, Surviving Africa, for which they have been approached, amongst others, the singers Benji and Faith, and the fashion blogger Mariano Di Vaio.

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