Paola Barale change this country beyond recognition. But what did he do to your hair?!

Published on Sep 20, 2018

Paola Barale is not a soubrette very present on the small screen, but when it returns to the network are always lots of comments and likes, especially for the new-look

Paola Barale is, at bottom, an eternal little girl. It is difficult to imagine how she old, at home with the slippers and needles to make shirts for the grandchildren. In fact, the beautiful Paola, she showed off a fresh look and innovative that once again enhances its beauty.

And’ a bit’ that Paola Barale not see on TV. The former, Raz Degan, after the experience of the famous Island, in which we view to be reconciled with her ex, it seems, is now living his working activities out of the spotlight of television.

One with his talent has not need to the cameras of Mediaset or Rai to emerge. Just note when success had its posts on social. His exchange look for example, is doing the rounds of the web.

A hairdo that reminds me a little of Africa, the tribal culture. Paola wanted to lovingly share with the social world his new hairstyle. Pigtails blondes that give a look that is decidedly new. And’ from years that we are accustomed to see with that short bob.

Now Paola has wanted to dare, and showed everyone how to give her pigtails. You wanted an opinion? Look promoted with full marks. Certainly his new style will influence many girls who, like her, occasionally, have the need to change.

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