"Pantani stopped by the camorra at the 1999 Giro d'italia"

Published on Mar 14, 2016

He says five times of the man who, according to the Prosecutor's office of Forlì, was in the cell with the bandit Renato Vallanzasca, and confided to him that Marco Pantani had been made out, “cheated”, from the 1999 Giro d'italia. The conspiracy against the Pirate was the warp by the camorra, which had bet billions of lire on the victory of its competitors. Instead, two stages from arrival in Milan, Pantani was in the lead, the absolute dominator of the race. “It is true this thing?”, asking for a relative of the man considered by the investigators close to the camorra, an interception on the environment. “Yes, yes, yes... yes... yes,” he answers, explaining that there was an exchange of tubes. So on June 5, 1999, in the Hotel Touring in Madonna di Campiglio, you would have consumed the fraud to the damage of one of sports most loved Italian.

According to this analysis, the hematocrit of the Pirate was at 51.9%. Almost two points more than allowed by the rules of the Uci, the Federciclismo world. Enough to stop as a precaution, the rider of Cesenatico, preventing him to finish the Tour. “A clan with voice threatened the doctor writes the chief Prosecutor Sergio Sottani of the Prosecutor of Forlì, who reopened the case in October 2014 – to force him to alter the test and to be Pantani out of the norm”. The truth jumps out after 17 years from the morning to the sad for the lovers of the Pirate and cycling.

The offences (criminal association, fraud and sports fraud) are now prescribed, and the criminal investigation will dissolve into nothing. “But at least today Marco went back to have dignity,” says the mother of the champion Premium Sports, which first published the shut-off.

“At the time of the facts, in 1999, they (the police, editor's note) went to pick up the list of all the neapolitans who were...” in prison“, along with Vallanzasca, and I have found it well to me, explains the man in the environment captured by the investigators – I I to ate”. Vallanzasca, tells the prisoner he said “that a camorra of such high caliber would have told him: “Look, the Round is won by Pantani, not get to the end. Why was all ‘and things, because they are played all at the isso. And then practically the camorra has made us lose the Round in the Marshes, changing the tubes and causing him to be head-to-head”. Then down with the, “yes”, when the relative asks him if this story was true.

A glimpse of light on one of the great mysteries of the sport. There will never be a legal truth, but the investigation of Forlì clarifies many things about that case that was the beginning of the end for the Pirate. The mud, accusations, defections followed in the morning di Campiglio, drove the Marsh to himself. Returned not what it used to be, in the saddle and in life. Entered in the tunnel of cocaine and died five years later, on 14 February 2004, in a residence in Rimini. Even there, the other mysteries and other investigations. That on death is mired in the archive request of the public ministry. On exclusion, the investigators have no instead doubt but it is all prescribed. For the law. But the love of the people, no, not to prescribe.



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