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Published on Sep 27, 2017


Instagram is now one of the social most successful in all over the world. Inside you can find all types of content: from the pictures and most funny photos of the author. What is perhaps missing is maybe a better management of the shots that you want to publish. Have you ever thought, for example, of how to be able to share panoramic photos on Instagram?

The major limit of the social of the photos is, in fact, to be still very much anchored in the format 1:1. What does this mean? All of the photos that you intend to publish have to be “square”. Other photos, such as landscapes or vertical you have to crop in or zoom out. But there is a way to overcome this limit ? Yes of course, and we are here today to explain to you how you share your panoramic photos on Instagram without problems, and get results similar to this.

Was Instagram the same will come to meet us unknowingly with regard to the problem of panoramic photos. Not very long ago it was, in fact, included the ability to publish a gallery of images in a sequence, thus creating an album that can be shared in a single computer, have You ever thought that this could just be the right medium to show the world your best panoramic photos? All you need is an application developed precisely for this purpose that we will show you right now.

Say goodbye then to the time lost to crop the photos and publish them separately. Everything is simple, automated and above all free. Are you curious to discover which app are we talking about? In the meantime, you say that there are different for both Android and iOS. We have chosen the two that may be more suitable to your purpose because they are considered the best.

The app that we will use to share panoramic photos on Instagram with iOS is called Swipeable. You can find it available for free on the App Store, and will simplify what many of you have done manually.

Once the application is installed and you have guaranteed access to the gallery, you'll be ready to start. First choose the panoramic photo that you intend to publish on Instagram. Once you have selected what you have to do? Nothing! This is the beautiful Swipeable: it will cut automatically the image you have chosen and you will not have to do is press the item “Post to Instagram”. Being the completely free application, you might be wondering where is the trick.

Useless to deny it, the trap is there, but it is easily avoidable. Swipeable will in fact create two more images with the logo owner before and after the panoramic photo that you want to share. Just do not select to publish only what you want. The logo central will not be erasable, but it is an alternative to applications which are much more expensive. It is up to you to decide if the game is worth the candle.

It obviously could not miss also to Android, a great free app to share panoramic photos on Instagram. We have chosen InSwipe, one of the best alternatives that you can find for free on the Play Store. Its strengths are speed, accuracy and cost.

Once you open the application you will be asked for permission to access the gallery. Once confirmed, you can choose the panoramic photo to share on Instagram. The first step is to decide how many images to split the view. This ranges from a minimum of one to a maximum of ten depending on the size of the original. Press the check mark confirmation in the top right and what you need to do is select the open entry Instagram to publish the photos or save to store it in the gallery.

If you are looking for something more refined to share panoramic photos on Instagram we found two applications really cute. You present the effect to the planet that you have seen the pictures of your friends? It is just a matter of panoramic photos specially modified. The two applications that we present today are RollWorld on iOS, and Tiny Planet Maker for Android.

This free app for iOS lets you share your panoramic photos on Instagram in a very creative way. Starting from a flat image, in fact, we will come to have a sort of small planet created on the basis of our photos. You can download it directly from the App Store.


Once you open the application and choose your image that you want to use you will find yourself in front of a series of adjustments to best take advantage of to achieve the desired effect. Our advice is to try hand-to-hand the various options, even if already the default settings are fine for your purpose.

Moving on to the next page with the arrow in the top right, you can decide which option to choose. In the free version of RollWorld you can only select the image mode. To unlock the others you'll have to buy the package dedicated.

The alternative Android RollWorld is called Vats Planet Maker. Also this application is completely free and lets you share your panoramic photos on Instagram in an artistic way. You can download it directly from Play Store at this link.


This is a really simple and intuitive. For this reason, our explanations will be kept to a minimum. Once you open the application you just need to select the folder icon that you find on the top to choose an image to edit, that will be pretty much ready once it has loaded.

All you have to do is select the settings that you believe to be best and then save it with the appropriate button in the top right. Easy true?

As you have just seen share your panoramic photos on Instagram is really simple. All you need is one of the applications that we have listed depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone / iPad. For the rest you can pick as you like, whether you enjoy a final result that is classic or more artistic. We remind you that all the alternatives included in this article are completely free. This means that you can use for your purpose without fear of incurring additional costs.

You just need to let us know what you think, tell us maybe your experience in this regard. To do this, simply use the comment box below or write us a message through our page Facebook.

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