Panini Comics: the outputs of September 2019


Published on Jul 16, 2019


Directly from the Preview 333, we bring you all of the outputs Panini Comics for the next few months of 2019 starting in July: continue STAR WARS, KLAW, and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, the first for LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: ASHE — MOTHER WARRIOR (set in the universe of the famous video game) and HARRY POTTER – FORMULAS AND SPELLS: THE NOTEBOOK OF the MOVIE.

Nina Vakueva July • 17×26, C., 144 pp., col. • Euro 17,00 Contains: League of Legends:
Ashe – Warmother (2018) #1/4

The first comic set in the fictional universe of the famous video game weblog Riot Games! Ashe is a young Daughter of the frost, whose life is destined to change forever during a dangerous mission, in the course of which many secrets will come to light...
Will he become the guide of which her people need? Or the destiny is not other than a fading dream? The history of Odin Austin Shafer, one of the authors of this game, here at his debut in the comics; the designs of the rising star Nina Vakueva.

MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOXIC CRIMINAL HAS Authors: Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips September • 17×26, C., 72 pp., col. • Euro 13,00 Contains: My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

Ellie is a teenager who has always had a romantic idea of the drugged since the death of his mother, a drug addict, ten years before. But when she finds herself in a luxurious detox where nothing is as it seems, will find love and discover how drugs and murder often go hand-in-hand. The first graphic novel Brubaker and Phillips is a fascinating and dark history of formation, a new chapter, independent of their award-winning saga of the Criminal.

SHAOLIN COWBOY – START TREK Author: Portela Darrow September • 17×26, C., 192 pp., col. • € 24.00 Contains: Shaolin Cowboy – Start Trek TPB

In the beginning was the Shaolin Cowboy! In this volume are collected the first adventures “independent” of the hero created by Portela Darrow. In a desert burning, arid, a mysterious Shaolin monk and his verbose experience ass they are being chased by an army of fierce enemies... and the result will be, as usual, explosive!

August • 23×23, C., 48 pp., col. • Euro 25,00

The pages of this book are a fascinating guide to the formulas and spells of the Harry Potter movies, by Expelliarmus-the Spell Patronus up to the infamous unforgivable Curses. The profiles of each of the spell include magnificent illustrations, photographs from the set, reminiscences and anecdotes of the talented artists who brought the magic on the big screen. Within this extraordinary book, full of gadgets removable, you will find many fabulous such as posters, stickers and much more.

RUMBLE 5: THE DISTANCE OF the THINGS Authors: John Arcudi, David Rubín September • 17×26, C., 160 pp., col. • € 20.00 Contains: Rumble #6/10

Finally Rathraq, along with Bobby, Timah, and Cogan, is sure to have the ability to recover their heart immortal. But, instead, will be on its way something different, very different. In the meantime, Bobby LaRosa seems to have arrived at the limit... another chapter in the critically acclaimed saga urban fantasy!

KLAW 3 Authors: Ozanam, Joel Jurion September • 17×26, C., 152 pp., col. • Euro 17,00 Contains: Klaw #7/9

You were just able to not go crazy due to your animal powers, and now they keep you like a caged tiger. Have you found a new flame, but as always, you can't enjoy it. And around you starts a war that threatens to culminate in a very bad escalation. By now it is clear. Your real problems are just starting!

RICK AND honor of his wedding 5 Authors: Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby October • 17×26, B.,
128 pp., col. • Euro 12,00 Contains: Rick and honor of his wedding #21/25

New-roaring, hilarious, mocking the comics, Rick and honor of his wedding, from the tv series cult! Could not get the time in the multiverse, claiming a new master: what a wimp, Jerry! Rick and honor of his wedding will have to, to force, to do something to stop it!

CINEMA PURGATORIO 6 Authors: AA.VV. September • 17×26, B., 144 pp., b/n. • Euro 9,90
Contains: Cinema Purgatorio #16/18

The sixth and last exit (for now) for Cinema Purgatorio, the innovative anthology of genre: are we witnessing the “end of season” of 4 of the serial key, while a shot of the scene in Cinema Purgatory, everything changes forever! From the mind of big names like Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Christos Gage, Max Brooks, and Alan Moore!

EAST OF WEST 8: EIGHT Authors: Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta September • 17×26, B., 128 pp., col. • € 14,00 Contains: East of West #35/38

It is the last year of the Apocalypse! The pressure increases, and the chess pieces you should be defining better waiting for the final battle. The players make their moves and, in the whirlwind of alliances and betrayals, no one is safe! In all this, what role will the mad variable Death?

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 42 Authors: Kevin Eastman, Sophie Campbell, Pablo Tunica, Dave Wachter, AA.VV. September • 17×26, B., 96 pp., col. • Euro 10,90 Contains: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe (2016) #10 (The story)-11, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2011) #71-72

DAVID MURPHY 911 – SEASON TWO 4 Authors: Roberto Recchioni, Pierluigi Minotti
26 September • 17×26, S., 24 pp., col. • Euro 3,00 available in cover A and cover B shall Contain: David Murphy 911 – Season Two #4

Back to the action comic written by Roberto Recchioni and designed by Pierluigi Minotti! David Murphy has a fate that seems to constantly remargli against, and her crossing of the united States seems ever more a trip to hell. What you will have to face this time? The
Season Two is approaching to the final!

The RAT-MAN GIGANTE 68 AND SOMEONE will DIE Author: Leo Ortolani, October 3 • 20×27,5, S., 64 pp., b/n • € 3.00 Contains: The second part of the saga of the legendary Expendable and the sixth episode of The Seeker... completely new!

Whatever you want to say to you, “action movie”, leave it alone. Here does not work. This is the Tetralogy of Expendable and non-Saints: there is so much action that it will feel like a movie. There are no Saints, but Jesus is there. Just Him, nothing homonyms. Read it to believe it. And there is also The Seeker, the long saga of the young Leo Ortolani, published here for the very first time.

STAR WARS 51 Authors: Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, Charles Soule, Angel Unzueta, September 12, • 17×26, S., 48 pp., col. • Euro 3.50 Contains: Star Wars #49, Poe Dameron #26

The rebellion broke out on the Mon Cala and the Rebel Alliance must defend at all costs the water planet from the retaliation of the Empire! And then Poe Dameron tells of the events not seen on the big screen in The awakening of the Force.

DARTH VADER 50 Authors: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Spurrier, Kev Walker
26 September • 17×26, S., 56 pp., col. • € 3.90 Contains: Darth Vader (2017) #21, Doctor Behn #25

Darth Vader returns in the place of his rebirth, and seeks the path to fulfill his destiny among the echoes of his past and the dark history of the Sith. And then, all the knots come to the comb for Dr. Aphra when it comes to Him...

DARTH VADER 4 – FORTRESS VADER Authors: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli
October • 17×26, B., 168 pp., col. • € 14,00 Contains: Darth Vader (2017) #19/25

The few remaining Jedi have been eradicated and now Darth Vader has to address elsewhere in his anger. Returning to the place where it arose, Mustafar, Vader will seek the way to fulfill his destiny. There, you will find the dark history of the Sith waiting for him, and the echoes of its past. The concluding volume of the splendid series of Soule and Camuncoli!

STAR WARS: POE DAMERON 4 LEGEND REDISCOVERED Authors: Charles Soule, Angel Unzueta, Robbie Thompson, Nik Virella September • 17×26, B., 168 pp., col. • Euro 14,00
Contains: Star Wars: Poe Dameron #20/25, Annual #1

The General Leia Organa gave it to Poe Dameron, an important task: to locate the mysterious Lor San Tekka that he would have news on where to find Luke Skywalker. But when Poe and the Squadron and the Black are the man, they discover that he is imprisoned in
the prison, and threatens a sentence of death. The research mission becomes an escape from prison and only with the help of Leia will be completed!

STAR WARS: AGE OF the REPUBLIC — ENEMIES Authors: Jody Houser, Luke Ross
October • 17×26, B., 104 pp., col. • Euro 13,00 Contains: Age of the Republic: Darth Maul, Jango Fett, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Special

They are evil and are the enemies faced by the heroes of the Star Wars saga. But this time they are also the protagonists of a volume that is very bad!!! Darth Maul is waiting in the shadows of Coruscant, his chance to hit the Jedi, Jango Fett was in charge of a work at first sight simple. And then again the past, Count Dooku, General Grievous, in a Temple, the Jedi lost and... Asajj Ventress!

STAR WARS: AGE OF REBELLION – HEROES Authors: Greg Pak, Chris Sprouse November • 17×26, B., 112 pp., col. • Euro 13,00 Contains: Age of the Republic: Princess Leia, Lando Calrissian, Luke Skywalker, Han solo, Special

A volume that contains the stories of episodic starring the heroes of the Original Trilogy




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