Panini Comics: outputs the Disney of September 2019


Published on Jul 17, 2019


Directly from the Preview 335, we bring all the outputs and Disney Panini Comics for the next few months starting in September 2019: get the BEST OF DUCKBURG FUN and I, MICKEY mouse, in addition to the usual new MICKEY and appointments with CLASSIC DISNEY 3 and phantom DUCK.

MICKEY mouse 3328 4 SEPTEMBER 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. · Euro 3,00

MICKEY mouse 3329, SEPTEMBER 11, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. · Euro 3,00

MICKEY mouse 3330, SEPTEMBER 18, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. · Euro 3,00

MICKEY mouse 3331 25 SEPTEMBER 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. · Euro 3,00

DISNEY's DELUXE 2 – POWER AND POWER SNEY DELUXE 2 Authors: AA. VV. SEPTEMBER 2019 20,5 X 31,5, hardback, 168 pp., col. • Euro 18,90

• A new edition of the history, which after 18 years has made the return of the legendary
PK, for the first time on the pages of the weekly in a series in 4 episodes. “PK Power
and Power” is already a cult classic, now available again in a unique and prestigious volume,
that in addition to reproducing the tables in the format De Luxe,contains a new insight
of the authors (Artibani, Pastrovicchio and Monteduro).

CLASSIC DISNEY 3 SEPTEMBER 2019 • 14 X18,6, B.,192 pp., col. • Euro 4,50

• Continue the Classics with their new format: tables of unpublished link between the
stories published, transforming them into a single great adventure.
• The volume this month is entirely dedicated to the adventures of Phantomius the Thief
Gentleman, with a selection of stories made by Marco Gervasio.
• And is the same as Marco Gervasio sign the script of the new story of connection.

BEST OF DUCKBURG FUN SEPTEMBER 2019 • 13.7 X 19,5, B.,288 pp., col. • Euro 5,90

• Adventures at the high rate of entertainment in the volume dedicated to the most fun
adventures starring the inhabitants of Duckburg.
• Fabio Michelini and Silvia Ziche sign Donald duck and the conference of the axes.
• An author who has made humour his distinguishing feature, Enrico Faccini, signature
Donald and the self-exhausting.

I, MICKEY mouse SEPTEMBER 2019 THE 13.9 X 18.6, column, 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• Meetings striking in Mickey mouse and the secret of William Topespeare and adventures in the time with the mouse after 30 years.
• Authors and different styles for a selection of unmissable adventures in which Mickey mouse is the great protagonist.
• A “Mickey mouse” is different from the usual Mickey and the research of positive energy, Silvia Gianatti, and Nino Russo.

The GREAT CLASSIC DISNEY 45 Authors: AA. VV. SEPTEMBER 2019 • 14,5 X 19,5, B.,
240 pp., col. • Euro 4,90

Back 3 Ducks and a baby on the way, with Donald duck, "unofficial" relationship and Gastone nurses improvised: a
classic Bruno Sarda and Massimo De Vita. Atomino Bip Bip comes from the Size of Delta
to accompany Mickey in a special mission in the remote Losconia, while Donald and the Nephews discover the secret of a living mummy in one of the first, rare classic Carl Barks!

DISNEY BIG 138 Authors: AA. VV. SEPTEMBER 2019 • 12,5 X 18,5, B., 416 pp., col. • Euro 6,00

Ancient Egypt inspired by the cover of the Big 138, which opens with an adventure signed by Bruno Concina and illustrated by Massimo De Vita, Mickey mouse, and the most recent pyramid, or: The secret of Atum-Ra

PAPERINIK 33 Authors: AA. VV. SEPTEMBER 2019 13.7 X 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

The summer is ending, and the saga “the phantom Duck of the ocean breaking” ends with a last,
bubbly bet! Last but not least, the characteristic of the unpublished story, “Paperinik and the tunnel rush hour” of Gabriele Panini and Massimo Asaro.

PAPERFANTASY 11 Authors: AA. VV. SEPTEMBER 2019 • 13,9 X 18.6, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

A new space appointment for Paperfantasy! In this issue, “Donald duck and the Bus Star”, “Donald duck and the A. A. I. U. T. O. O. O. in the past” and many other stories galactic!

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