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Published on Mar 17, 2019


Directly from the Preview 331, we bring all the outputs and Disney Panini Comics for the next few months, starting from may, 2019: arrive TOPOMISTERY 1 and PAPERSERA 2, in addition to the usual new MICKEY and appointments with the DON ROSA LIBRARY, and DUCK.



SUPERTOPOLINO No. 3311 MAY 8, Supertopolino 3311 • 14×18,5; B. 160 pp., col, + volume 13,9 X 18.6, C., 144 pp., col. • Euro 8,90

Topohighlights: Mickey mouse 3311 was also released in a version with the attached Topolibro dedicated to the international Book fair of Turin in 2019, with a cover drawn by Paolo Mottura



ART PORTFOLIO FRECCERO DISNEY SPECIAL EVENTS 5 Authors: Andrea Freccero APRIL 2019 • 31 x 37, portfolio collection, 8 lithographs 30.4 x 36,5 • Euro 39,00

ART PORTFOLIO FRECCERO DELUXE DISNEY SPECIAL EVENTS 5 Authors: Andrea Freccero APRIL 2019 • 31 x 37, portfolio collection, 8 lithographs 30.4 x 36,5 autograph • Euro 59,00

• A new prestigious portfolio collection dedicated to the drawings of the great Andrea Freccero, eight lithographs for so many designs!

• Also available in deluxe version, with a lithograph autographed by the author edition, limited and numbered!

TOPOLIBRO DISNEY SPECIAL EVENTS 8 Authors: AA. VV. MAY 2019 • 13,9 X 18.6, C., 144 pp., col. • Euro 6,90

• On the occasion of the thirty-second edition of the Turin international Book fair, the Mickey mouse turns in the prestigious Topolibro, a volume hardback with a cover by Paolo Mottura.
• Great stories of Mice and Ducks, dedicated to the themes of the festival.

TOPOSCIENZA DISNEY SPECIAL EVENTS 6 Authors: Francesco Artibani – Fausto Vitaliano – AA. VV. MAY 2019 THE 13.9 X 18.6, C., 144 pp., col. Euro 10,00

• From the cycle Comic&Science, four stories to discover sciences such as physics, astrofica or mathematics are transformed into exciting journeys in the knowledge, with the authoritative introduction by Piero Angela.
• “Mickey and the experiment of dr. Pi” by Francesco Artibani, Alessandro Perina.
• “Uncle Scrooge and the molecules in the rent” by Francesco Artibani and Paolo Mottura.
• “Donald duck and the bridges of Quackenberg” of Francesco Artibani and Marco Mazzarello.
• “Mickey mouse: what happened to Peter Quarky?” by Fausto Vitaliano and Alessandro Perina.

TOPOMISTERY 1 Authors: Giorgio Pezzin – Massimo De Vita – AA. VV. MAY 2019 13.7 X 19,5, B., 176 pp., col. Euro 3,90

• A new miniseries dedicated to the police stories and investigations of Mickey mouse!
• “Mickey and the case of the blocks of stone”, a classic written by Giorgio Pezzin for the designs of Massimo De Vita.
• “Mickey mouse and the mystery of the Sierra Negada”, written by Angelo Palmas, designed by Roberto Vian.

THE DON ROSA LIBRARY 19 Authors: Don Rosa MAY 2019 17 X 23,7, B. with flaps, 112 pp., col. Euro 8,90

• The penultimate volume of the colossal collection of all the stories dedicated to the Ducks of the Master of Kentucky!
• “Uncle Scrooge – The dream of a lifetime”, the dreamy return of Scrooge and his famous saga...
an important change!
• Donald duck and uncle Scrooge the hunt for A “treasure among the trash”.
• Uncle Scrooge is confronted with his past, his family... and the treasure of the Templars? An underlying story of Don Rosa “Uncle Scrooge – A letter from home”.

The GREAT DISNEY CLASSICS 41 Authors: AA. VV. MAY 2019 • 14,5 X 19,5, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 4,90

• A great, classic yellow: “Umperio Bogarto and the memory lost of Uncle Scrooge”, written by François Corteggiani and for the pencils of Giorgio Cavazzano.
• Two goodies of the ’50s: “Donald duck and the poor; rather,” to the designs of Frank McSavage, and “Mickey and the friend of the animals”, written by Giancarlo Ottani and drawn by Luciano Gatto.
• A rarity, Carl Barks, 1948: “Donald duck and the monkey”.

Phantom DUCK 29 DUCK UPGRADE 80 Authors: AA. VV. MAY 2019 • 13.7 X 19,5, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• A new story for the Devilish Avenger: “phantom Duck and the superstitious procrastinator” Roberto Moscato.
• Superheroes and super-villains in the history guest: “phantom Duck and the threat of Electroduck”, written by Rudy Salvagnini and drawn by Giulio Chierchini.
• “Phantom duck and the invasion of the duplicate vector”, from the pen of Gabriele Panini and the pencil of Alesandro Gottardo.

PK GIANT 47 Authors: AA. VV. MAY 2019 • 20 X 27,5, B., 128 pp., col. • Euro 7,90

• The first, the epic saga of Pikappa is coming to an end with two historical adventures on the edge of time!
• Written by Tito Faraci to the drawings by Marco Gervasio, the hunt for a mysterious device of alien, criminal, and... Pikappa: “Before the dawn”.
• The fulfilment of the destiny of One! “The whole and the parts”, a key chapter, written by Alessandro Sisti and drawn by Andrea Freccero.

PAPERSERA 2 Authors: AA. VV. MAY 2019 • 14 x 18.6, B., 144 pp., col. • Euro 3,50

• Continue the mini-series dedicated to the daily paperoso: the Papersera!
• Two goodies of the “american school”, written by Dick Kinney for the pencils Tony Strobl: “Uncle Scrooge "white duck” and “Put an "unofficial" relationship”lunch.
• Two brand new stories in Italy!

100% DISNEY 8 – LAZINESS Authors: AA. VV. • MAY 2019 13.7 X 19,5, B.,288 pp., col. • Euro 6,00

On the wave of the theme of “laziness”, a science fiction novel with “Wibble, and the world without sleep”, from the pen of Carlo Panaro and pencils, Graziano Barbaro.

RISATISSIMA – DISNEYSSIMO 91 Authors: AA. VV. • MAY 2019 EUR 13.9 X 18.6, B.,192 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

Umperio Bogarto, "unofficial" relationship and Ciccio for an adventurous drive in the series Elementary "unofficial" relationship: “the invasion of The ultrapolli”, written by Gianfranco Cordara and designed by Andrea Ferraris.

ALL DONALD duck– DISNEY TEAM 78 Authors: AA. VV. • MAY 2019 13.7 X 19,5, B.,288 pp., col. • Euro 5,90

Many small classics for the birthday of the Duck more sympathetic, as “Donald duck and the lucky and unlucky”, written by Rodolfo Cimino and from the pencil of Giorgio Cavazzano.

CLASSIC DISNEY 510 Authors: AA.VV. MAY 2019 • 12,4 X 18,6, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20

To resolve the shortage of chefs Scrooge turns... to the magic? “Uncle Scrooge and the pots and pans special”, written by Rodolfo Cimino and drawn by Luciano Gatto

DISNEY BIG 134 Authors: AA. VV. MAY 2019 • 12,5 X 18,5, B., 416 pp., col. • Euro 6,00

Among the stories to the theme, for the category “roaring Engines”, “Archimedes and the car-car”, from the pen of Fausto Vitaliano and the pencil of Roberta Migheli.

DONALD duck-468 Authors: AA.VV MAY 2019 • 14 X 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20

A tribute to the movie the Hunt for Red October, a great underwater adventure with “in The wake of “Scrooge” red”, written by Giorgio Pezzin for the pencils by Valerio Held.

UNCLE SCROOGE 11, Authors: AA.VV MAY 2019 • 14 X 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20 Continues the series of adventures dedicated to the Duck richest of the world, with a new story!


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