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Published on Dec 18, 2018


Directly from the Preview 328, we bring all the outputs and Disney Panini Comics for the next few months starting in February 2019: here comes UNCLE SCROOGE 8 in addition to the usual new MICKEY mouse keep MICKEY mouse JUNIOR and appointments with the DON ROSA LIBRARY, and DUCK.

MICKEY mouse No. 3293 • JANUARY 2, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. • € 2.70

Topohighlights: we Continue to follow the adventures of the family Pennet with the second episode of the new business “graphic-literary” by Teresa Radice, Stefano Turconi, who reinterpret Jane Austen in “version of the eagle”...

MICKEY mouse No. 3294 • JANUARY 9, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. • € 2.70

Topohighlights: Laughter guaranteed with this latest dis/adventure Donald duck: evicted in a bad way by the tion, is hospitality in the trailer of Dachshunds, in an unusual coexistence that will have unexpected effects for all...

MICKEY mouse No. 3295 • JANUARY 16, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. • € 2.70

Topohighlights: You can change the past? Responds to the dilemma of a history of “philosophical” set in the grandiose scenery of the gold rush, written by Peter Zemelo and masterfully illustrated by Fabio Celoni.

MICKEY mouse No. 3296 • JANUARY 23, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. • € 2.70

Topohighlights: at the request of the Duck, Archimedes invents the “trainsocea - nica”, a mix between the ship and train, perfect for the lucrative transport. But who knows if everything will go as expected? A story full of stunts and twists, Augusto Macchetto, and Lucio Leoni.

MICKEY mouse No. 3297 • JANUARY 30, 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. • € 2.70

Topohighlights: England, the beginning of ‘900: sir Paperon administers the assets of the family in the absence of the earl the owner, but extraordinary events are about to disrupt the life of the noble race of Quackley... so The count of Anatrham of Marco Bosco and Nico Picone.

There WAS A TIME IN AMERICA 4 Authors: Giorgio Pezzin – Massimo De Vita MARCH 2019 17 X 24, B., 112 pp., col. Euro 6,00

• Concludes with this fourth volume, the collection Definitive Collection of the great series created by the acclaimed pair of art formed by Giorgio Pezzin pens and Massimo De Vita pencils: There was a time in America!
• In the background of american history, the last three adventures of the ancestors of Mickey mouse and his friends: the “Mickey mouse and the long trail”, “Mickey mouse and the last cowboy”, “Mickey mouse and the american dream”.

TREASURES MADE IN ITALY – SILVIA ZICHE 1 Authors: Silvia Ziche MARCH 2019 17 X 23,7, B. with flaps, 192 pp., col. Euro 6,90 Price and format indicative

• A new cycle of the series Treasures Made in Italy, the first of three volumes, entirely dedicated to the art and the incredible humor of Silvia Ziche, lots of stories and goodies, never-seen-selected by the author herself!


SILVIA ZICHE PORTFOLIO DISNEY SPECIAL EVENTS 1 Authors: Silvia Ziche MARCH 2019 portfolio collection, 8 lithographs 30.4 X 36,5 • Euro 39,00 / SILVIA ZICHE PORTFOLIO DELUXE DISNEY SPECIAL EVENTS 1 Authors: Silvia Ziche MARCH 2019 portfolio collection, 8 lithographs signed 30,4 X 36.5 • Euro 59,00

• A new prestigious portfolio collection dedicated to the fantastic pencils, Silvia Ziche, eight lithographs for so many designs!
• Also available in deluxe version, with the eight lithographs autographed by the author, edition, limited and numbered!

DON ROSA LIBRARY 16 Authors: Don Rose FEBRUARY 2019 • 17 X 23.5, B. with flaps, 112 pp., col. • Euro 8,90

• The necklace philological works of Don Rosa, the Master of Kentucky!
• The historical hunting at the mine of Jacob Walz, with Scrooge and the nephews: “Uncle Scrooge and the secret of the Dutch”.
• An adventure in the amazon... with much of the dinosaurs? All the Ducks Rose in “Uncle Scrooge – Escape from the valley of the forbidden”.
• Inspired by the epic poem “the Kalevala”, an adventure in verse, the whole of the Finnish for Scrooge and the family: “Uncle Scrooge and the research of Kalevala”.

The GREAT CLASSIC DISNEY 38 Authors: Giovan Battista Carpi – AA. VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • 14,5 X 19,5, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 4,90

• A giant among the parodies literary Disney “Donald duck Bergerac”, written by Guido Martina and drawn by Giovan Battista Carpi.
• “Mickey mouse in the fabulous kingdom of Shan-Grillà, a great classic of the Master Romano Scarpa.
• A historical archaeological adventure, for the texts of Abraham Barosso and Giampaolo Barosso and the designs of Massimo De Vita: “Mickey and the gate of the sun”.

DUCK 26 Authors: Massimo De Vita – AA. VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • EUR 13.9 X 18.6, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• A new story for the Devilish Avenger: “Paperinik hero of Ocopoli”, written by Danilo Deninotti and designed by Gianfranco Florio.
• “The victorious defeat of phantom Duck”, a super classic of the masked Duck of the ’70s, written by Guido Martina for the designs of Massimo De Vita.
• Written by Bruno Enna, pencils, Marco Gervasio, “phantom Duck and the deception of success.”

PAPERFANTASY 7 Authors: AA. VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • 14 X 18.6, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• Space monsters, time travel, wizards and elves... continues the series of publications dedicated to the Ducks and their adventures in the worlds of science fiction and fantasy!
• The first story of the “Cycle Paperingio”, the series of the classic adventures medievaleggianti school Disney Italian “Paperino il Paladino”, written by Carlo Chendi and drawn by Luciano Bottaro.
• In the section science fiction, “Uncle Scrooge and the journey to the center of the Earth” written by Fabio Michelini and Guido Scale, and “Uncle Scrooge and the revolt of the machines” by Rodolfo Cimino and Luciano Captain.

MICKEY mouse JUNIOR 6 Authors: AA. VV. • FEBRUARY 2019 19,5 x 26, S., 32 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

Continue Mickey mouse Junior, Mickey mouse for the little ones! A new issue dedicated to the seasons, with cartoon stories, games and activities! In the attachment, the pencil Mickey mouse Junior to learn how to draw!

I... GOOFY – DISNEY HERO 82 Authors: AA. VV. • FEBRUARY 2019 14 X 18.6, B.,240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

A collection dedicated to the unpredictable adventures of the best friends of Mickey mouse! Among these, “Foo", and the future too easy”, written by Augusto Macchetto and designed by Giampaolo Soldati.

THE BEST OF... DUCKBURG DISNEY COMPILATION 7 Authors: AA. VV. • FEBRUARY 2019 13,8 X 20, B.,320 pp., col. • Euro 5,90

The best stories paperopolesi published on Mickey mouse in 2018 as “A day by Gastone”, output from the pen of Roberto Gagnor, and for the pencils of Marco Mazzarello.

CLASSIC DISNEY 507 Authors: AA.VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • 12,3 X 18,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20

Foo, a hunter of lightning, and an unpredictable mystery in “Mickey and the en?gma fulminant”, a contemporary classic written by Marco Bosco for the designs of Marco Palazzi.

DISNEY BIG 131 Authors: AA. VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • 12,3 X 18,5, B., 368 pp., col. • Euro 6,00

Many stories theme in the volume “giant” branded Disney! An adventure, a super technologic lyrics, Silvano Mezzavilla and drawings of the Maestro Giorgio Cavazzano: “Mickey mouse and the robot changeable”.

DONALD 465 Authors: AA.VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • 14 X 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20

An adventure new Duck cutest in the world: “Donald duck and the disaster from the master,” written by Michael T. Gilbert and drawn by Massimo Fecchi.

UNCLE SCROOGE 8 Authors: AA.VV. FEBRUARY 2019 • 14 X 19,5, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20

“Uncle Scrooge and the Bell of Generosity”, the story of an unpredictable feature of the Duck richest of the world, written by Rodolfo Cimino for the designs of Alessio Coppola.

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