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Published on Feb 16, 2019


Directly from the Preview 329, we bring all the outputs and Disney Panini Comics for the next few months, starting from march 2019: get THE GUIDE TO DUCKBURG and X-MICKEY 11, in addition to the usual new MICKEY and appointments with the DON ROSA LIBRARY, and DUCK.

MICKEY mouse No. 3303 WITH a MEDALLION MICKEY • 13 MARCH Supertopolino 3303 • 14×18,5; B. 160 pp., col. + metal medallion • Euro 4,90

Wizards of Mickey is back on the pages of the Mouse, in the company of a fantastic metal medallion to wear.

MICKEY mouse No. 3306 WITH a SPECIAL issue 70 YEARS OF MICKEY mouse • APRIL 3, Mickey mouse 3306 • 14 x 18.5; B. 160 pp., col, + register celebration (13,9 x 18.6, 96 pp.), col. • Euro 3,00

A special issue celebrating the birthday of the head, the goodies and historical curiosity to retrace the 70 years of Mickey mouse.

MICKEY mouse No. 3307 WITH METALPLATE 10 APRIL Supertopolino 3307 • 14×18,5; B. 160 pp., col + metal plate (the 13.9 x 18.6). • Euro 4,99

Plate metal commemorative depicting the cover of the 1st number of "Mickey mouse" to celebrate the 70 years. In addition, a booklet with editorial content unpublished.

MICKEY mouse No. 3308 WITH NOTEBOOK APRIL 17, Supertopolino 3308 • 14×18,5; B. 160 pp., col, + notebook (8.5 x 15). • Euro 6.00 TBC

In the annex notes with the elastic cover and soft touch, in two colour variants, branded Mickey mouse

MICKEY mouse No. 3309 VARIANT COMICON, APRIL 24, Mickey mouse variant cover 3309 • 14×18,5, B., 160 pp., col. • Euro 7.00 TBC

For the Comicon of Naples, a super cover variant... covered by total privacy!

THE COVERS OF MICKEY mouse, the Authors: AA. VV. APRIL 2019 17 X 23,7, C., 336 pp. TB, col. Euro 29,00

• In April of 1949 came the first issue of Mickey mouse in the format of “the book”... and to celebrate the 70 years of one of the publications most-loved always, here is a prestigious volume hardback that collects covers of the most famous and important of his entire publishing history!

PHANTOMIUS 5 – re-edition Authors: Marco Gervasio APRIL 2019 • 17 X 23.9, B., 112 pp., col. • Euro 5,90

• Again available in limited edition, only for the comics, back to the thief gentilpapero with the re-release of the fifth volume of his adventures, under the cover original Marco Gervasio!
• An adventure retrospective key: “Dolly Paprika”, a long history dedicated to the past of the girlfriend of the Owner.
• Two adventures, rich hits the scene: “Notre Duck” and “Without a mask”

Phantom DUCK AND The INTREPID LORD OF FIRE Authors: Guido Martina – Massimo De Vita APRIL 2019 25,5 X 35,5, C. with dust-jacket poster, 48 pp., col. • Euro 29,90

• For fifty years from the first appearance of the Devilish Avenger, the re-release remastered a milestone of the Masked Duck: “Duck and the intrepid Lord of Fire”, written by Guido Martina, for the pencil of Massimo De Vita.
• Under an incredible jacket poster, a giant volume hardcover that presents the tables of the Master De Life in a large format and the colour fully restored!

THE GUIDE OF DUCKBURG Authors: AA. VV. APRIL 2019 TO 14.9 X 19.9, B., 208 pp., col. Euro 4,90

• After the great success of the Guide of mickey mouse, here's a second volume dedicated to “tourism” in the other great cities of Calisota: The guide of Duckburg.
• Many itineraries to the most important monuments and attractions of the city of the Ducks, always illustrated by Blasco Pisapia, and many stories-new Donald duck & his companions, tied to their city and its places

LORENZO PASTROVICCHIO Authors: Lorenzo Pastrovicchio – AA. VV. APRIL 2019 14,5 X 19,5, B., 336 pp., col. Euro 7,90

• A new Special Disney monographic, dedicated to pencils hyperkinetic Lorenzo Pastrovicchio!
• The same artistic duo of “Darkenblot”, struggling with Black Spot: “Mickey mouse and the case was thin”, designed by Pastrovicchio on texts by Casty.
• A curious culinary adventure from the pen of Alessandro Sisti: “Uncle Scrooge and the fifth taste”.

SILVIA ZICHE 2 of 2 Authors: Silvia Ziche – AA. VV. APRIL 2019 17 X 23,7, C., 192 pp., col. 14,90 Euro

• A new tome of new series of cardboard volumes dedicated to the great authors of Disney, they propose to
readers and fans a personal selection of stories and illustration of rare, unpublished or never reprinted.
• In this second volume, returns to the art of Silvia Ziche and “his” Duckburg, with the contribution of writers such as Tito Faraci, Rodolfo Cimino, Alessandro Sisti, François Corteggiani.

THE GREATEST ADVENTURES DISNEY N. 1 – STORY Writers: Massimo De Vita – Augusto Macchetto – AA. VV. APRIL 2019 14,5 X 19,5, B., 240 pp., col. Euro 5,00

• A new thematic series, with the first issue dedicated to the history!
• An adventure medieval-like... with much of the castle removable? “Ser Mickey mouse and company of the castle”, written by Augusto Macchetto for the pencil of Massimo De Vita.
• A history of the Ducks of ancient Rome, for the texts of Giorgio Figus, and the designs of Roberto Marini: “Claudio Paperinus and the black flame”.

X-MICKEY 11 Authors: Stefano Ambrosio – Giovanni Rigano – Marco Bosco – AA. VV. APRIL 2019 17 X 23.9, B., 288 pp., col. Euro 8,50

• Return to the adventures of Mickey mouse and his companion Pipwolf in the World of the Impossible, in a volume double that takes the re-release of X-Mickey.
• Many of the classic “fearful” as “The endless house”, by Fausto Vitaliano and Massimiliano Narciso, or “group Photo with the vampire”, by Marco Bosco and Marco Mazzarello.
• The inevitable short stories, like “night surprise”, by Augusto Macchetto and Alessio Coppola, or “Music, maestro!”, Augusto Macchetto and Giovanni Rigano.

THE DON ROSA LIBRARY 18 Authors: Don Rose APRIL 2019 17 X 23,7, B. with flaps, 112 pp., col. Euro 8,90

•A new volume with the full re-release and philological of all the work of Don Rosa.
• “The wiener dog against the Deposit”... literally!
• A classic treasure hunt for Scrooge and grandchildren with “Uncle Scrooge – crown of the kings crusaders”.
• “Archimedes – The first invention of Archimedes”: a title that speaks for itself!

DUCK 28 Authors: Tito Faraci – AA. VV. APRIL 2019 • 13.7 X 19,5, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• A new story of the Devilish Avenger: “phantom Duck and the dual-left”, output from the pen of Roberto Moscato for the designs of Massimo Asaro.
• A villain assorbienergia for the history guest: “The threat of Dynamo”, written by Tito Faraci and drawn by Alessandro Perina.

The GREAT CLASSIC DISNEY 40 Authors: Giorgio Cavazzano – AA. VV. APRIL 2019 • 14,5 X 19,5, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 4,90

•Science and science fiction in “Mickey and the accelerator in nuclear”, text by Alessandro Bencivenni and drawings of Massimo De Vita.
• A place so cold that even the words and noises you freeze: ”Uncle Scrooge and the cold silence of the Valley the Cold”, written by Rodolfo Cimino and the drawings of Giorgio Cavazzano.
• The return to the surprise of a great villain: the mad pirate Orangutan in ”Mickey mouse and the mystery of the satellites”, text by Alessandro Sisti and drawings of Sergio Asteriti.

HERE, QUO and QUA – DISNEY HERO 83 Authors: AA. VV. • APRIL 2019 EUR 13.9 X 18.6, B.,192 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

Many stories of the grandchildren, including “Qui, Quo, Qua, and the young Archimedes”, Giorgio Figus and Valerio Held, where our are aware of a great secret of the inventor

THE BEST OF... mickey mouse – DISNEY COMPILATION 8 Authors: AA. VV. • APRIL 2019 13.7 X 19,5, B.,288 pp., col. • Euro 5,90

The best stories of the Mice of 2018, as the classic adventure, a stroll in space “Mickey and the overload time”, written by Alessandro Sisti and drawn by Donald Soffritti.

PAPERFANTASY 8 – PAPERFANTASY 89 Authors: AA. VV. • APRIL 2019 EUR 13.9 X 18.6, B.,192 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

A superclassicone science fiction topolinesca of the ’60s: “Uncle Scrooge and the revolt of the machines”, the output from the pen of Rodolfo Cimino for the designs of Luciano Capitanio.

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