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Published on Dec 01, 2017


Panini Comics, after the success of last year, again, the two-day Free Comic Book Day, presenting 6 new collections are free, but by raising significantly the interest for these days of celebration and dissemination of comics, mostly because the book dedicated to the Secret Empire, two of the three stories will not be republished in the near future, remained for the moment unpublished, while the rare Attack on the Avenger and will NEVER be reprinted, or published in any other version.

As regards to Marvel comics and Panini Comics, the titles are:

As for Disney, we have:

And’ certainly the best dish, and the register the most part of this FCBD 2017, if nothing else because it contains the unlikely crossover Attack on Avengers, to that of the same Sandwiches, and will never be reissued decision, we are sure, will sell this album FREE at exorbitant prices online already in a few days. But this is not the place for this type of reflections and, especially, what interests us is the validity of the stories presented.

It begins with the chapter the secret of the Secret Empire event, started already in November, will be in full swing in the month of December. As will be appreciated in Italy this page is very controversial in the USA of the recently published life of the House of Ideas, page, that, in the good and bad, has marked the end of an era with a return to origins and a drastic change at the top publishing house publishing with the appointment of the editor-in-chief of C. B. Cebulski, who has replaced Alex Alonso?

Brief summary: Captain America is discovered to be an agent of Hydra and has started a slow but inexorable conquest of the planet, starting of course from Washington.

In this chapter, the secret, enhanced by the evocative pencils of the extraordinary Andrea Sorrentino, the author Nick Spencer – as a narrator eterodiegetico – can very to make the idea of the “impossibility” of what is happening in the light of the revelation of the new leader of Hydra. While the pages lose a little bite closer to the end of the chapter, where the tone of the characters are ill-suited to the gravity of the story because some batting too, it is clear that the intentions of the author are those of meta-comment on the work of the publishing house in recent years that all of a kind.

This is not only to tell yet another epic clash between the (super)heroes, but also to make a reflection: this chapter definitely whets the curiosity of the readers.

As the same editorial coordinator, Nicola Peruzzi confesses in the short introduction to this album, the crossover between The Attack of the Giants and the Avengers was undoubtedly one of the operations from the fan-fiction extreme yet, Kodansha and Marvel have made thanks to the author of the manga Hajime Isayama, C. B. Cebulski and artist Gerardo Sandoval.

Attack on Avengers is a history of lightning with the Giants, who invade New York and the Avengers – movie version – ready to inhibit the destructive fury but just when seem to have repelled the invasion, a huge Giant emerges near the Statue of Liberty.

I admit I have a weakness for this type of operations, simply because they entertain me and make me go back in mind to the endless battles crossover with the action figures when I was a kid and the stretch of the plastic and mangoso of Sandoval is perfect in this regard... unfortunately, however, there is need to emphasize how the history, as much as really short, it worked fine with the open ending ruined it, however, from the entrance in scene of the Guardians of the Galaxy – of course, the film version – on the notes of "Hooked on a feeling" one of the catchphrases of the abusatissima soundtrack of the first film. Here this interference is so evident expire a little bit of a history otherwise enjoyable.

Closes the comic book Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-man is a new monthly series, starting in Italy in February on the pages of the fortnightly Amazing Spider-man. Chip Zdarsky creates a story bland taking advantage of probably the towing of the film Spider-man, Homecoming, the villain is the Vulture, which is shown with enough by Paulo Siqueira that there is not much more than a honest homework. The preview pages run without any special shakes crammed with jokes, music and references to pop without a particular stain. If the FCBD serves to the readers to take the pulse of the forthcoming publications this story certainly will not help them to acquire or resume the purchase of the series devoted to Spider-man.

Just in time for the Italian theatrical release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Sandwiches, presents this an appetizer to the second regular series dedicated to one of the villains most iconic ever, Darth Vader.

This second series written by Charles Soule (Daredevil, Inhuman) and illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli (Spider-man) is set right after Revenge of The Sith: Anakin is now dead, giving way to Vader, a disciple of the dark side.

Soule decides to tell the first steps of Vader, is still far from the unstoppable threat of the maturity and historical films, starting from the search of the infamous lightsaber, blood-red. And’ return of the jedi, to explain the functioning of the swords, and crystals kyber that the feed to the new disciple, sending him in a mission initiatory in search of a suitable weapon to him.

As we have already accustomed to Marvel/Disney, the New Fee is immediately accessible and readable even for a very young audience, the only requirement is to have basic knowledge about the universe of Star Wars. Also Camuncoli does his this lesson, illustrating in a clear and precise way the plot linear of the writer.

If you are a lover of the saga of Lucas and you want to throw yourself in its publications to the comics this could be a wonderful opportunity, for those who already followed him, this album serves undoubtedly to judge the quality of this series with relation to the first, which ended only a short time ago and also published by Panini.

A tasty appetizer of the homonymous saga in 4 parts, which will start on the Mickey mouse 3240 – on newsstands from the 27th of December – this Donald Quest shows once again the excellent state of health of the Disney and the chameleon-like ability to read the trends without ever losing sight of the peculiarities of his characters.

And so we find ourselves catapulted to Feudarnia the galaxy is threatened by the Moon of the Dragon, a comet, driven like a spaceship from the mysterious Meteormaster and that brings with it the Meteorbeast huge stone creatures with incredible powers. The kingdoms of Feudarnia, however, are defended by some of the mighty leaders and their Busterbot titanic machines made of iron, wood, and metal.

Donald, always unfortunate, is the protagonist of this incipit. Locked up in the manor of his uncle to make the kitchen boy, the duck is dreaming of the glory of the fighting and the capture of the Meteorbeast and the opportunity will be provided right from the uncle, that is in need of protection for the manor of bighorn Sheep Mossy where is guarded the treasury. The mission, however, will prove to be anything but simple and, above all, seems to be different from a simple theft.

Stefano Ambrosio imbastisce story is very well-balanced between action and humour, but certainly his strong point is the incredible world-building done in a handful of pages and engulfs the reader from the outset, combining science fiction, the aesthetic of steam punk and the attention to certain franchises coming from japan. Explains Andrea Freccero drawn round them when you need to bring to life on paper, to gigantic creatures indifferently that it's ‘bot or ‘beast.

For breath, and the involvement of Donald Quest reminded me of the legendary Wizards of Mickey... what do you really know the heir to a new generation?

The second proposal by Disney Don Rosa Library uncle Scrooge & Donald duck-that is, two stories extracted from the second volume of the series which presented in their entirety and chronological production of Don Rosa.

The cartoonist of Kentucky is one of the pillars of the disney production of the world as well as one of the most influential authors, both at the level of stories that trait, here are two stories starring Donald duck and from the tone scanzonatissimo where you show all the verve of the author.

The choice to bring this material to the FCBD could be a double-edged sword being the material “evergreen” – in the following decades, certain stylistic features of Don Rosa would have been reread and re-built – but however dated that might be confusing to young readers. On the other hand, it is important to show the value of the historical and philological aspects of these stories and maybe attract some of the readers beyond, with the years, which could decide to re-read in an edition worthy of note in these stories.

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