Panini Comics, all of the outputs Disney December 2018: the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mickey mouse


Published on Oct 16, 2018


Directly from the Preview 326, we bring all the outputs and Disney Panini Comics for the next few months: the celebrations for the 90th birthday of Mickey mouse, still the MICKEY mouse JUNIOR and appointments with the DON ROSA LIBRARY, and DUCK.

NOVEMBER Album hardback • 64 pp. • Euro 16,90 Miniblister 5 bags • Euro 5,00

Panini offers you a great collection to relive with you, the world, the history and the magic of Mickey mouse. Fill it out with the 130 figurines, standard, 86 stickers, rounded, 36 figurines metal and 24 figurines brilliant! The figurines will allow you to complete the unpublished comic strip: “the adventures, Mickey mouse,” an adventure written and designed by the great Casty. In each bag you'll also find one of the 36 cards to collect in pockets of transparent this album hardcover! Only the lucky ones finally will be inside the sachets are also an original drawing autographed made by 10 acclaimed artists from Disney that have adorned this collection with 100 designs truly unique! A tribute to the collectors, the most loyal (and lucky) to this memorable collection.

MICKEY mouse 3285, 3286, 3287, 3288


Authors: AA. VV. 14 NOVEMBER 2018 14 X 18.5, B., 160 pp., col. Euro 4,90

• Mickey mouse 3286, the number of celebration of the 90th birthday of the hero from the big ears, will also be proposed with the figurine 3D Mickey mouse Gold 90° Limited Edition.
• Begins the amazing series of celebration of eight stories of Mickey mouse, which sees our hero to find himself, with the first adventure, drawn by Giorgio Cavazzano.


MICKEY mouse 3288 WITH 2 STAMPS Authors: AA. VV. 28 NOVEMBER 2018 14 X 18.5, B., 160 pp., col. Euro 4,90

• Starting from Mickey mouse, 3288, for four numbers and on the wave of celebration of the 90th birthday, will be presented to the eight stamps in the metal drawn by Giorgio Cavazzano!
• The other six stamps will come out, two by two, numbers 3289, 3290 and 3291.
• Starting from the first output, will be available only in the store and on the website, Panini Comics, also the collector of the eight stamps.


Authors: Don Rose DECEMBER 2018 • 17 X 23.5, B. with flaps, 112 pp., col. • Euro 8,90

•Continue the series with a collection of philological and final settlement of all the stories of the Master of Kentucky:
Don Rosa.
• The fifty years of Scrooge in Duckburg with “Uncle Scrooge " Something truly special”.
• A great challenge between Scrooge and Cuordipietra in “Uncle Scrooge-the last lord of Eldorado”.
• Quirky metal aliens in “Uncle Scrooge – attack of the horrible creatures from space”.


Authors: AA. VV. DECEMBER 2018 • 14 X 20.8, B., 192 pp., col. • Euro 3,20

• Between a treasure hunt and a financial enterprise... continues the new series devoted to the adventures of the Duck richest of the world!
• Inside, a new story of Uncle Scrooge!


Authors: AA. VV. DECEMBER 2018 • THE 13.9 X 18.6, B., 242 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• An all new adventure for the Duck with the mask and the cloak: “phantom Duck and the turbulent ‘Deposit’ Day”, written by Danilo Deninotti and designed by Andrea Malgeri.
• An adventure with Santa Natal in “phantom Duck and the Birthplace of the repeated” written by Alberto Savini for the designs of Andrea Ferraris.
• Written by Giorgio Salati to the pyrotechnic pencils of Paolo Mottura, “phantom Duck and the love in oblivion.”


Authors: AA. VV. DECEMBER 2018 • 14 X 18.6, B., 240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

• Between space monsters and magicians, elven, continues the series of publications dedicated to the Ducklings and their adventures, science-fiction and fantasy

THE BEST OF DUCKBURG – 10 YEARS DISNEY HAPPY 6 • Authors: AA. VV. • DECEMBER 2018 13,8 x 20, B., 384 pp., col. • Euro 5,90

MICKEY mouse JUNIOR 4 Authors: AA. VV. • DECEMBER 2018 19,5 x 26, S., 32 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

I LIKE UNCLE SCROOGE – the MOST DISNEY TIME 81 Authors: AA. VV. • DECEMBER 2018, 14 X 18.6, B.,240 pp., col. • Euro 3,90

Panini Comics, all of the outputs Disney December 2018: the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mickey mouse is




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