Pamela Prati tronista in Men and Women? The response of Raffaella Mennoia


Published on Jun 24, 2019


In the last hours there has been much talk of the possibility of seeing in September, on the throne of Men and Women, Pamela Prati. The news had been launched by the weekly True. The magazine has even dedicated the cover to this story, stressing that for the De Filippi's have the show girl, the protagonist of Pamela Prati Gate, it would have been a hit: “Rumors that, if transformed into reality, would be, without a doubt, the highlight of the season: Pamela Meadows, in September, could climb on the throne of Men and Women“.

In reality, knowing the audience of Men and Women imagine that few would welcome the presence of Pamela Prati on the throne, but this is obviously one of our sensation ( we doubt, for example, that Francesca de Andrè and Gennaro can be a Temptation Island Vip, but this, precisely, is another of our feeling). That said let's get back to the news. Who better to Raffaella Mennoia can know the truth on this story?

The author of Men and Women have received so many messages these days and, since at the time, his priority seems to be another, today, in fact, part Temptation Island, he decided to answer.

All we can do is read the latest news and advances of Men and Women have given from the Mennoia.

The Mennoia he then decided to tell her. He talked about the fake news stories on Instagram, disproving thus the participation of Pamela Prati of Men and Women even if in a direct way has made his name.

“I been writing in a lot to disprove a given story,” he said on the social Mennoia, showing also written “fake news” to accompany his words. And then, without being too explicit, has closed: “donkeys fly?“.

We doubt that the Meadows could in some way be the protagonist of the next season of Men and Women, but even if it were, the Mennoia would have no interest in saying it now, this is just as clear.

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